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10 Lifestyle Sustainability Trends

Sustainability is a lifestyle, not a trend, but innovation keeps pushing through with new ways of making life accessibly more sustainable.

Sustainability is the number one lifestyle trend, but what does that look like exactly? Lifestyle affects virtually all aspects of how a person chooses to live their life from food, to hobbies, work and what they consume.

Habits are a big aspect of lifestyle, especially changing to sustainable ones seems to be the biggest challenge for folks to lower their carbon footprint. Here are 10 of the trendiest lifestyle changes people are making to leave a positive impact on the planet and live a healthy lifestyle. What is good for the planet, is good for people too.

10 Reusables

The easiest way to generate less waste is by investing in reusable objects, and getting into the habit of using them regularly. Think beyond reusable water bottles and canvas bags, but into reusable oven sheets, repurposing mason jars and reducing single-use plastics.

Get reliable reusables that can are also made with environmentally friendly materials, so when the day comes that you need to replace them, they can still be disposed of properly.

9 Shop Local

Shopping local is an easy way to support local businesses and the small business economy and to look for responsible products. Be a smart shopper with what you buy.

In general, the consumer market is slowing down as more and more shoppers are looking to longer use products to generate less waste, starting by shopping locally.


8 Refurbish

Instead of buying new, refurbish what you already have or what already exists. Almost anything can be refurbished from clothes to home and office supplies, and definitely furniture.

Pick up the hobby of refurbishing things, it is fun to DIY and builds new skills in building things. You can engage your creativity, and create something to fit perfectly into your ideal interior design aesthetic.

7 Second-Hand Shopping

Second-hand shopping has emerged as a cool thing to do in the past few years, with the resale clothing market stepping up its game into a luxury market. Suddenly you can buy vintage Levi Jeans or Burbury jackets, which are still expensive, but at a better price for a vintage look.

No to mention the role that TikTok and social media have played in the clothing resale side gig boom. 

6 Zero Plastic Beauty Products

The beauty industry is picking up on the sustainability trend and looking to produce more natural products, as well as reduce singe use of plastics.

It is now possible to make your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet plastic-free, you just have to seek out the right products.

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5 Eating Plant-Based

Eating plant-based has a higher sustainable impact than driving your car less. Plant-based diets are spreading like wildfire through social media chefs, and reaching popular restaurant menus as well.

In almost any restaurant vegan diets can be accommodated. If you are thinking about reducing your meat consumption, start with once a week and work your way up. Make it a fun experience by trying new foods and restaurants.

4 Sustainable Travel

Unfortunately, traditional travel methods are not sustainable. In fact, flying is a big cost to the global climate change impact.

Try to avoid flying whenever possible, but if you are going on a big trip to the other side of the world, make it worthwhile by staying there for a while. It is not sustainable to take multiple trips.

When picking a destination, research how to travel sustainably in that place that allows you to enjoy your experience all while supporting the place you are visiting ecologically. Ecological tourism is up and coming, most destinations will have information specific to visiting that place.

3 Working From Home

As businesses are a huge spender in energy, working from home is a suitable solution, as long as you have sustainable home habits as well.

Although, the impact on air quality from commuting to work less is a big motivation for companies to allow their employees to work from home a few days a week. This trend started about two years ago and seems to be here to stay.

2 Chemical Free Products

A trendy DIY home project has been to make your own cleaning supplies with eco-friendly materials such as vinegar and lemon. They work well to clean your home, and provide fewer chemicals to your living space,

Many cleaning supply companies are also making natural products, try them out for a healthier some and to put fewer chemicals into the air. It seems like a small contribution, but the fewer chemicals the better for your loved ones in their immediate living space, and the better for the planet.

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1 Making Sustainable Habits

Making sustainable habits is the glue that holds together a sustainable lifestyle. You can have everything else in place, the reusables, the natural beauty products, the vegan cookbook, but if you don’t get into the habit of using them it doesn’t solve a problem.

Make sustainable changes that fit into your lifestyle, it may be ironic but the changes need to be sustainable for your habits as well.

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