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33 Easy Part-Time Weekend Jobs That Pay Well in 2021

weekend jobsweekend jobsIf you have the itch to side hustle during the weekends but have no time to do it, today’s post will give you a lot of opportunities to find good weekend jobs that are pretty flexible.

Weekend jobs are hard to find. 

I know.

Most of the time, either the pay is bad, or they are not worth your time.

I know you are ready to hustle hard but finding the right weekend job that’s worth your time should be your priority when searching for side jobs.


Best Weekend Jobs for Extra Money

Sell Dog Treats

sell dog treatssell dog treats

Do you love dogs? I do A LOT. Selling tasty dog treats is one of the most fun and easy weekend jobs you can easily start. It doesn’t require any experience or expertise to start this job. If you love creating new recipes and love dogs, that is enough to get started. The costs involved are pretty minimal like the ingredients to whip up the treats, packaging, and getting a business license. You can always start small and sell the treats at local weekend markets and to friends. Even if you are a beginner, you can earn around $500 to $1000 doing this part-time.

Kristin Larsen shares her story of how she got started selling dog treats in this interview. She now helps others start this fun business with her course Diva Dog Bakery.


Virtual Assisting

As more and more online businesses come up, they need people to work on many small tasks like admin work, email management, appointment setting, content creation, etc. As a virtual assistant, you can offer a lot of services and work entirely online.

This role is ideally suited for students looking for online jobs or stay-at-home moms who need a lot of flexibility, and the great part about this hustle is it pays really well.

Try applying to companies like Boldly (formerly Worldwide101) or Fancy Hands for VA positions or learn how to be your own boss with this trusted course.



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Flip Stuff

How about this: Visit Sunday markets or thrift stores, find good items, remodel them, and sell them on eBay? Sound good?!

If you enjoy going to Sunday markets and finding junk treasures, then become a thrift store flipper. Just take this FREE workshop to find out all the secrets of this hustle. Flipping can easily be done on the weekends and can give you a good income.

Here is an interview with a pro flipper who earns six figures by flipping thrift store items.


Deliver Stuff

deliver stuffdeliver stuff

Delivering food, stuff, groceries, etc. is on rise, especially with students. Many apps and websites make it very easy to get started with this hustle. You can start this side gig and work on weekends delivering food through companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub. 

You can also look at delivering groceries with Instacart.

Want to make some extra cash on that weekend trip? Another exciting way to deliver stuff without having to go out of your way is Roadie. Just deliver things on your way and earn money.


Give Your Opinion

This is a great addition to your extra cash gigs, and it could be as easy as speaking about your opinions. It’s pretty simple; just sign up for Swagbucks and share your views, watch videos, shop, or just use its web browser.

It’s as simple as that. Swagbacks is the most legitimate and trustworthy site that will give you many ways to earn extra income. You can earn an instant $5 just for signing up.

Just keep in mind to be honest about your opinions. Perfect for a weekend hustle!



Ridesharing is probably the best and most popular way for many people to earn money over the weekends. Whether you are a student or a stay-at-home parent, driving can fit into your schedule because you can do it whenever you want. You can try ridesharing with Lyft and Uber. For a limited time, earn an extra $1,000 when you finish your first 125 rides as a Lyft driver.

As weekends are busy times, you can earn more money if you hustle during these times. Best way to make money from home for the summer!


Rent Your Car

So you are just too lazy to do anything over the weekend but want some easy money? Advertise your car for rent through Turo and Getaround. It is the most simple and passive way to earn money while you literally do nothing.

Don’t worry; you get covered by the company and you can decide your rental price. This is an excellent way to earn some extra cash with your car while you hustle on other jobs.


Sell Printables

Are you the creative kind? If yes, then you can consider selling printables on Etsy. All this job needs is your creativity and researching the niche to sell your printables. Thinking about how much you can earn with this weekend job? Julie Berninger says you can earn around $500 to $1,000 if you really work on it. Some Etsy sellers earn six figures selling printables full-time. You can learn more about this side gig in this in-depth interview.



Tutoring is one of the most chosen stay-at-home jobs by moms, students, or anyone who wants to have flexible weekend work. You can choose to teach specialized subjects or simply teach English online.

There are quite a number of online tutoring companies that hire English teachers. Just go over the requirements and apply to Qkids, Landi, SayABC, VIPKid. The timings are flexible, and you can even teach on weekends.

If you are looking for more easy options to teach, sign up for Course Hero. You can create guides, answer questions, or teach live and earn money on the side. Top tutors earn $500 a week. You don’t need any certifications to start this hustle, so if you are good at teaching then go ahead and sign up here.


Rent Your Backyard

How about making money from your backyard while you relax on your weekend? With Sniffspot, you can rent your backyard to pet owners. The pets use your space to run around, exercise, and have fun while you earn money passively.

Just list your space on Sniffspot with all the details and start renting. It includes $1M host protection insurance for liability and damage protection, so you can remain stress-free.



MTurk might be just an extra income idea, but it could add another egg in your side hustle basket. Amazon Mechanical Turk has many tasks like data annotation, transcription, surveys, short writing gigs, etc.

Just keep an eye out for tasks that are worth your time. This side gig is quite flexible and can be done anytime, even on weekends.

If you want to learn more about how to make money with Amazon Mechanical Turk, then head over to this post.


Customer Service

customer servicecustomer service

You can work as a customer service rep and earn money on the weekends. With LiveOps you can work from home as a virtual call center agent and have flexible work on weekends. You can take calls whenever it is possible for you, and you can also receive perks for good performance.

You need to have a little experience in customer service, hospitality, or related fields. After you apply online and get selected, there is a background check.


Online Researcher

As an online researcher, you can work for companies like Wonder or go your own way as a freelance researcher. As a Wonder researcher, you will be providing in-depth, well-researched answers to user questions, and the pay is great with this company.

If you want to go the freelancing route, you can register yourself through portals like Freelancer.com or Upwork.com and get research projects. The work is more diverse, and as a freelancer, you will be working on different types of projects. This could be a great addition to your weekend side jobs list.


Freelance Writing

This is another great fit for a weekend job; you can work whenever you want and earn good money while you hustle in your free time. Freelance Writing is particularly good for those with creative minds and can be a great outlet to share your expertise.

You can find freelance writing jobs on boards like BloggingPro, ProBlogger, or Contena. If you want to explore this option, then check out Holly’s famous course. This course will point you in the right direction to consider freelance writing as a career option.


Pet Sitting

I have come across so many students who opt for pet sitting jobs that I couldn’t miss mentioning this hustle in this post. Pet sitting is quite flexible and a fun side gig, provided you like pets.

Being a pet lover myself, it is the kind of side hustle that might not feel like a “job” at all. If you love pets and want an enjoyable side hustle for the weekends, then sign up for Rover or DogVacay. You will love it!



You could become a babysitter (which is quite popular among teens and college students) and earn money on the side. Many companies hire babysitters, and you can easily sign up for them, just go over to Sittercity or Care.com.

This hustle can give you a steady income and help you to earn extra money while you are in college or to fund your vacations. Being around babies is more playtime than a job!


House Sitter

Imagine having a house all to yourself, where you can enjoy pretending to be the owner of the house plus earn money?

Cool! You can do that as a house sitter.

People often travel and have to find someone to care for their homes or pets; that’s where house sitters come in. If this gig interests you, then sign up for TrustedHousesitters.com and look for house sitting jobs in your area. A fun way to spend the weekend!


Tour Guide 

Do you love your city? I sure do. If you have lived in your city for long, then you must know a lot about it – the hidden gems, local eateries, art places, landscapes, etc. Your love for your city can turn into a great side hustle as a tour guide.

This is something that can give you the much needed “get out of the cubicle” time and also give you an opportunity to make new friends. Learn how to become a tour guide here.


Host Dinners

Do you like trying new recipes and cooking up tasty dinners? Make this your new hustle and earn good money over the weekends. I know it sounds very new, but this is becoming popular.

Cooking dinners and inviting people to taste your yummy food is actually a great way to make money with your culinary skills. Sign up for EatWith and display your menus, invite people, and earn money.


Social Media Assistant

Who doesn’t love to be on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram? Almost everyone does. Being active on social media and knowing the ins and outs of every social media channel can give you a chance to become a social media consultant.

Though some companies require you to have a qualification related to the field, you can freelance as a social media assistant.

Get on to freelance platforms like Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, or Guru.com and find the projects that you like. Great choice if you are specifically looking for part-time jobs!



Moderation jobs are pretty easy to do, and you can apply to companies like ModSquad or ICUC and start moderating chats, forums, and social media.

Most of the companies do not require much expertise, but you should have a pleasant demeanor and should have reasonably good knowledge of social media and forums. Many of the companies have flexible working times that include weekends. This is one of the best part-time jobs you can do over the weekends.


Mystery Shop

mystery shopmystery shop

Mystery shopping is more of an extra income option and can be done conveniently over the weekend. In fact, I am sure if you love shopping, you are going to like this hustle a lot.

There are a good number of companies like BestMark, Perception Strategies, and IntelliShop that hire mystery shoppers (even online).

Just keep an eye out for scams, which are quite rampant with mystery shopping gigs. Check if the company you are applying to is registered with MSPA rated by BBB.


Stage Homes

I love admiring the perfectly organized display homes when I accompany my friends while they house hunt. Did you know that those perfectly staged impeccable homes are made to look like that by home stagers?


Home staging is a unique hustle that can become a booming full-time career, or you can just stage homes during weekends. Either way, this side job can give you good money and a potentially promising career. Head over to this post to learn more.


Rent Your Stuff

Did you know that renting your things can earn you extra moolah? Yes, it’s a thing, and you can rent anything from a spare chair to a projector.

Just sign up for Fat Llama and start renting your stuff. It even has insurance coverage up to $30,000 for your rented items.

You also get $25 to spend on your first rental when you sign up through this link.

This is a hustle that can earn you good side cash over the weekend by renting stuff you might not use.


List Your Space

Almost everyone knows about Airbnb, especially if you have ever traveled anywhere. The most exciting part of this giant is the money-making side of it. If you want to earn income and have some extra space to spare in your house, then list it on Airbnb.

I have personally stayed at many Airbnbs and heard great stories from the owners. Just listing an extra room in your house can be a steady moneymaker for you with Airbnb.



If you are someone who enjoys sifting through data and finding the errors, then proofreading could very well be your weekend hustle. You can look at editing and proofreading companies like CACTUS, or ProofreadingServices.com or get started on your own with a comprehensive course like Proofread Anywhere.

Proofreading is a very profitable side hustle and has the potential to create a good career.


Freelance Graphic Design

This is one hustle that can really become a career choice. Graphic design is on the rise and has a big money-making potential. There are loads of graphic design gigs on Freelancer.com, FreeUp, or Fiverr, which shows how much this side hustle is in demand.

You can start your own side hustle and offer services online. If you are new to this but want to start, then check out 99designs or DesignCrowd to see what the possibilities are.


Use Your Voice

Voice over jobs are a super enjoyable way to earn extra money over the weekends. As a voice over artist, you can lend your fantastic voice to big brands and companies for their online marketing projects.

Many companies like Voices.com, Bunny Studio, and other freelance marketplaces hire voiceover artists. These side gigs could be flexible, and you can do them over the weekends.


Review Calls

Want to spend the weekend just reviewing calls and earning money? I am sure you do. With Humanatic you can listen to calls, categorize, and tag them.

Keep in mind that this is just an extra income option, and it could add extra money along with your other hustles.

It takes time to get the hang of understanding the calls, so be patient. This gig is quite flexible, and you can do this anytime.


Online Stylist

I am sure you are going to love this side hustle. It allows you to work anytime you want, weekends or weekdays. As an online stylist, you will create an impeccable style design for clients and get paid for it. You can become your own boss as a freelancer or start with companies like Stitch Fix or Bombfell.

Keep in mind that these companies may require you to work during the week as well at the beginning.



I started my blog as a side hustle, so I can say for sure, depending on how much you want to earn, that this could be a good weekend gig. The best part about blogging is it is completely location-independent; you can do this from anywhere.

The first basic requirement to start a blog is being passionate about your niche. You need to have a clear idea about what you want to write. Other than that, everything in blogging can be learned.


SEO Consultant

I know this hustle sounds very nerdy, but it’s not. You can learn how to become an SEO consultant and do this as a weekend job.

Search engine optimization is so much in demand (as a blogger I know this too well), and if you have this skill, then you are set to make a good income from anywhere. Here is a detailed post about how to become an SEO consultant.


Search Engine Evaluator

I work as a search engine evaluator, and this job is super flexible. You can do this anytime in the week provided you complete the assigned number of hours per week. Some of the companies that hire for this position are Appen, Lionbridge, and Workforce Logiq (formerly Zerochaos). This role requires you to take an assessment test before you get hired.

Weekend jobs are perfect for anyone looking for a flexible gig


If you look in the right places and make the right choices to suit your schedule, there are many good weekend jobs that can boost your primary income or help you to earn extra money while staying at home.

Go through the above options and start side hustling today!


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