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9 Ways to Source Clients as a Freelance Writer

Are you a freelance writer looking for new ways to increase your client database? If you’re just starting out with freelance writing within the online space, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. Luckily, there are many ways to achieve a solid, reliable list of clients you can turn to.

1. Join the ProBlogger Job Board

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Looking for a community of writers like you? ProBlogger is a website not only with tips, blog posts, a podcast, and tutorials but a collection of writing jobs on their job board that you can apply for. This is a great resource for finding new clients, and even if you don’t, your name and expertise will be out in the open.

You can also learn how to start a blog, create content, source new readers, build a community, understand technology such as blogging tools, and more. With ProBlogger, jobs on offer include SEO agency writing, technical writing, content writing, sports writing, blog writing, and copywriting roles.

2. Attend Business Networking Events

It may sound like common sense to reach out to people in your field of interest, but a business networking event isn’t the same as connecting through social media. This is a way to reach out to those who know your space and can help you source the clients you’re looking for.

Business networking events can include online Zoom meetings with other writers in your enterprise, educational seminars by entrepreneurs or businesses, career or course events, or even one-on-one consulting sessions with someone who is within your desired area of expertise. These kinds of events can be the key to uncovering your first client and can assist you in finding many more.

3. Create Email Campaigns

Are you confident when it comes to creating an enticing email? With the right catchy headline and an email detailing your writing services, people will know what you can offer them.

Consider trying customer relationship management systems such as HubSpot, which includes useful tools to build, brand, and piece together the perfect email campaign.

Want to learn more about how to craft the right emails? Learn how to write an email asking for a job opportunity! If you have any special discounts in mind for first-time customers, composing an email advertisement is a great way.

4. Join FlexJobs

Do you want to find clients using your devices? Finding remote, flexible jobs isn’t as difficult as it used to be, especially with online sites such as FlexJobs. This website also offers online coaching services if you’re feeling a bit unsure about how to move forward with finding clients, such as webinars, events, and one-on-one assistance.

With this in mind, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what kind of writing jobs and clients you need to be searching for, and also have a platform where you can tweak your job search to your needs.

5. Partner With Other Freelancers

Asking for help from other freelance writers can be incredibly helpful to your freelancing journey. Post in social media groups and ask freelancers if they’d like to collaborate with you. This can lead to meaningful connections, enhance your business communication skills, bring you new and exciting projects, free up time for yourself, and help you build a stronger network.

This is ultimately an effective strategy to not only boost your own portfolio, but help another freelancer as well. Here are some top tips for a successful creative collaboration! You’ll both benefit in terms of sourcing new clients that will come back for more.

6. Jump on Twitter Opportunities

Twitter isn’t just a useful platform for sharing the latest trends, but can be helpful for jumping onto new writing opportunities. Identify potential customers by what they’re tweeting out into the world.

If you’re a copywriter, search copywriting jobs or writing jobs in the Twitter search bar and await the results. Searching for phrases that match the services you offer will help you filter out the results you want!

7. Build a Niche Blog

Do you want people to know more about what you do as a freelancer? Building a niche blog is helpful in terms of showing your portfolio to potential clients, past and current experience with clients, and overall writing skills. Research what platform you’d be most comfortable using, create an About You page, upload all of your best writing work, and detail the kind of writing packages that you can offer others.

Having a website you can link automatically to potential clients can be a great way to hook their interest and encourage them to pay for your services. Want to know how to build a reliable website? Here are some free platforms to showcase your freelance writing portfolio.

8. Volunteer Your Services Online

Are you a college student aiming for some pocket money on the side? If you’re still struggling to find clients and increase your freelance writing portfolio, it can be worth working for free and volunteering to assist non-profit businesses.

Not only does this help with communication skills, on-the-job training, and understanding of your writing abilities, but you’ll be able to put together a collection of work!

9. Reach Out to Digital Marketing Agencies

Do you know any digital marketing agencies near you that have a good track record for business success? These types of digital agencies focus on more than one area of marketing expertise and can assist you by helping you market your services or products. As a freelance writer, this kind of agency can help you find more clients.

Connecting with a reputable digital marketing agency can put your client-seeking in the hands of people who can outsource them for you. This alleviates a lot of pressure from you, and the potential is there to keep finding high-paying clients.

Sourcing Freelance Writing Clients Is Possible

Whether you’re sourcing through social media, other freelancers, job networks, agencies, or traditional email, you’ll eventually locate your first client. Once one client requests and loves your work, there will be many to follow suit. Furthermore, building your brand as a writer is another amazing way to differentiate yourself from other freelancers.

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