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Bart Scott says Jerod Mayo doesn’t yet deserve to land head-coaching gig

Jerod Mayo is one of a few New England Patriots coaches or front office members that are garnering attention from outside teams.

Mayo, 35, played his entire career with the Patriots and then he became the inside linebackers coach in 2019. He’s also held the responsibility of calling defensive plays alongside Steve and Bill Belichick. With eight openings at head coach, Mayo’s name has been tossed around as a serious candidate.

His name has been linked to the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos thus far. There are many candidates looking for head-coaching gigs and many of them have much more experience than Mayo.

For this reason, ESPN’s Bart Scott believes Mayo doesn’t deserve the opportunity just yet.

“I don’t get that one. I think we give too much credit to these Bill Belichick assistants,” Scott said Tuesday on ESPN Radio. “I think he would be skipping the line in front of so many qualified people.  Whatever happened to Eric Bieniemy, what happened to Byron Leftwich, Todd Bowles? All these guys deserve opportunities more than Jerod Mayo. I’m sure he’s a young up-and-coming coach, it’s not his turn.”

The huge relief in the Patriots’ coaching staff situation is the fact that Bill Belichick plans to continue in his role.

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