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Businesses – Official Website – County of Santa Clara

While the County does not issue business licenses, you can get information on business certification requirements or find out about the criteria and certification requirements for becoming a green business.

How the County buys something and which departments you should contact depends on what kinds of services or products you sell. The Procurement Department in the County of Santa Clara awards contracts for the procurement of centralized goods and non-professional services in support of departments who provide essential governmental services for the residents of the County of Santa Clara. Contracts are generally awarded based on competitive bidding.  Please visit the Procurement Department​ for more detailed information.

Centralized public works/construction, construction-related architect, and engineer contracts are awarded based on competitive bidding by Parks & Recreation and by Roads & Airports. Facilities and Fleet/Capital Programs awards construction contracts for all other departments. Professional service contracts and contracts with community based organizations are generally awarded by individual County departments. There are over 26 separate County agencies/departments handling these types of service contracts. 


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