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Cash for Grass Program UPDATE


This dry creek actually drains and retains waterThis dry creek actually drains and retains water

This dry creek actually drains and retains water

We live in a desert. That is literally everybody in Southern California not just the High Desert areas.  Without water piped in from the Sierras among other places, Southern California would be quite different. We have become used to turning on the tap and letting the water run. We grew up with a feeling of abundance when it came to using water in our homes and on our yards. Things need to change. We only have one earth and we need to conserve to keep it going in a healthy direction. We can do just as well with a lot less. We actually can do better!


I will bet you didn’t know that more than half of the water used at residences and businesses that are landscaped is spent on outdoor watering. When you want to cut back on your financial budget you examine your big-ticket items first. And your landscaping is a big-ticket item for your water bill. If your current  landscaping is  mostly or a large part grass, re-landscaping it into an attractive water-wise landscape is one of the best ways to help you save water.


Locally here in the Victor Valley we used to have the Cash for Grass program. Our local program used to give you the opportunity to convert your grass into desert-adaptive and water-wise landscaping, with a monetary rebate when you do. This program was conducted in partnership with the Mojave Water Agency through grant funding. Unfortunately, the Cash for Grass program was discontinued due to lack of funding. BUT, the State of California has come up with a replacement program called “Save Our Water Rebates” This program offers a whopping $2 per square foot of grass replaced, with a limit of 1,000 square feet. That’s $2,000.00 of FREE money!


Of course, there are rules and restrictions to the program. The restrictions are not many.You can apply here:

You do not have to hire anyone to do the removal or new installations for you. There are no “approved or not approved vendors”.  You can do this all on your own if you feel you are up to the task. If you want help or advice, design or guidance, removal services or installations services, give us a call. We can help you with whatever you need.

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