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CoD Zombies players reveal “most annoying” feature in franchise history

As the Call of Duty Zombies community waits for Treyarch’s next installment in the series, fans turned back the clock and revealed that Space Monkeys are the most frustrating thing ever.

Zombies fans have been everything except happy with the direction the game has gone in Vanguard.

So, instead of continuously trashing Vanguard, players decided to look back at the “good days” and deemed Space Monkeys the most annoying thing the undead mode has ever seen.


In a Reddit post by user ‘Ok-Jellyfish3381,’ they posed a question to the community asking for the most annoying things that’s ever been in Zombies.

Unanimously, the community said the same thing “monkeys stealing perks.” For those that don’t remember, these monkeys were introduced on the Black Ops 1 map, Ascension.

These mammals replaced the dog rounds that fans had become accustomed to but with a twist. The little thieves would swoop onto the map every few rounds and start attacking the Perk machines throughout the map. If you didn’t kill them fast enough then you would lose your perk.


Even though fans agreed that Ascension would be too easy without them, some think they were overpowered.

One Redditor said, “I feel like they could have made them not as annoying like making them attack one perk for the round.” This would’ve helped solo players as they wouldn’t need to run between four different perk machines.

Another player suggested that they could have made it so they go to the perks in order so you could set up for them. Almost a decade later, this certainly won’t be changed but it is something that many fans wish would’ve happened back then.


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