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Undergraduate Business Courses

The Undergraduate program has specific learning goals and objectives that are imbedded in the curriculum. These learning outcomes are fostered throughout the undergraduate experience, particularly in the core courses. The learning goals are measured by direct and indirect means that include course assignments, exams, projects, surveys and evaluations. The learning outcomes for Haas School of Business Undergraduate Program are listed here.

Descriptions for all UGBA courses can be found here.

NOTE: Not all courses listed below are offered every semester.

Lower Division Courses

UGBA NumberUnitsTitlePrerequisite
C5/L&S C52Introduction to Entrepreneurship
103Principles of Business
241Freshman Seminars
392-4Freshman/Sophomore Seminar
39AC3Philanthropy: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
882Data and DecisionsOne semester of Calculus. This is a Data Science connector course and may only be taken concurrently with or after completing STAT/INFO/CS C8
C95B2Introduction to the Biotechnology Field and Industry: Impact, History, Therapeutics R&D, Entrepreneurship and Careers
961-4Lower Division Special Topics in Business Administration
981-4Directed Group Study

Upper Division Core Courses

UGBA NumberUnitsTitlePrerequisite
100*2Business Communication
101A3Microeconomic Analysis for Business DecisionsEcon 1, Math 1A or 16A, Stat 21 or equivalents
101B3Macroeconomic Analysis for Business DecisionsEcon 1, Math 1A or 16A, Stat 21 or equivalents
102A3Financial Accounting
102B3Managerial Accounting102A
1034Introduction to Finance101A or equivalent
1043Introduction to Business AnalyticsMath 1B or 16B, Statistics 21 or equivalents
1053Leading People
1073The Social, Political and Ethical Env. of Business

* UGBA 100 is restricted to business majors only.

Core Course Substitutions

The following UC Berkeley courses may be used to fulfill the corresponding core business requirement. However, units earned for these approved substitutions are non-business upper division units and students must take additional business electives towards the required 38 upper division business units.

Econ 100A or Econ 101A can be used in place of UGBA 101A.

Econ 100B or Econ 101B can be used in place of UGBA 101B.

EEP 100 can  be used in place of UGBA 101A.

IAS 106 or POLECON 106 can be used in place of UGBA 101A.

IAS 107 or POLECON 107 can be used in place of UGBA 101B.

As of Spring 2014, UC Berkeley Extension courses XB102A “Introduction to Financial Accounting” and XB102B “Introduction to Managerial Accounting” ARE NOT equivalent to UGBA 102A and UGBA 102B as taught by the Haas Undergraduate Program. Students planning on applying to the Haas Undergraduate Program or conditionally admitted students to the Haas Undergraduate Program should NOT enroll in either of these courses.

UGBA Electives and All Other UGBA Courses

Listings and descriptions for all UGBA courses can be found at

Current Class Schedule

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Syllabi From Previous Years

To access UGBA course syllabi from previous years please go here.

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