Monday, March 4, 2024
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Decentralized Gig Economy Platforms

‘FYDme’ is an innovative new gig economy platform that aims to make use of the decentralized features of blockchain and cryptocurrency to enable freelancers, part-time workers and people with precarious professions to go about finding jobs whilst making a more reasonable pay without suffering a huge cut as a result of using intermediary services.

What’s great about the ‘FYDme’ gig economy platform is the fact that it uses its own proprietary ‘FYD’ blockchain to ensure that payments are made in a transparent fashion without having to rely on the services and extra cost of a bank. What’s more, the blockchain also makes it possible to store an array of data such as reviews and ratings in a secure manner.

Additionally, users only need a Google account to join the platform, meaning that there are practically no barriers to entry for freelancers looking to leverage the ethos of decentralization to find better job arrangements.

Image Credit: FYD

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