Monday, September 20, 2021
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DollarStore Ownership – DollarStore Ownership

After loosing substantial amount of money and time on pie in the sky businesses, this is the best business we have found, and we’ve already made $1500 in commissions from our referrals in our first week of DollarStore Ownership.

As soon as I heard the 8am conference call, I immediately decided to purchase a DollarStore and I hoped that the country and the subdomain name I wanted was still available and it was to my surprise! I believe this is the best investment I have made. I know the country name that I purchased will net me sizeable profits at exit if and when I decide to sell the business.

DollarStore is a perfect solution for me as a single working mom. Juggle with demanding working hours and kids, owning a DollarStore gives me the freedom to earn extra income while working from home.

I spent a lot of time online researching different companies and opportunities. I probably looked at hundreds of business opportunities and DollarStore just made sense to me. The 100% turnkey drop ship model, the clean 20% profits on every sale and an amazing commission from my referrals on DollarStore ownership is a well thought out strategy and business model.

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