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Exclusive: The Washington Spirit’s Official Championship Photos

All photos courtesy of the Washington Spirit.

When Kelley O’Hara scored the game-winning goal in November’s National Women’s Soccer League title match, the Washington Spirit became much more than the DMV’s latest championship franchise. On their way to the title, the players had to defeat their competitors on the pitch, the Chicago Red Stars, while also fighting to dismantle an allegedly toxic, “old boys’ club” culture inside the organization.

To celebrate the championship, the Spirit will hold a parade at the start of next season, according to a team spokesman. In the meantime, Washingtonian has exclusively obtained the team’s official championship photographs. Here’s a selection:Camryn Biegalski and Anna Heilferty.Kelley O’Hara and Emily Sonnett.Taylor Aylmer and Tegan McGrady.

Aubrey Bledsoe and Ashley Hatch.

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