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Where Research And Innovation Meets Entrepreneurship

Curiosity and creativity are inherent characteristics of young people, and entrepreneurship and innovative spirit are natural expressions of such creativity. It is no wonder that many students opt for pursuing such endeavors. However, such a path is inherently risk prone, and we need to train and coach students to develop the right attitude in order to be successful in their ventures. Traditional entrepreneurship programs focus only on a specific set of skills but do not contribute to the real development of the students.

The mission of Experteze incubator is to create an enabling environment wherein participating students and teams not only learn the traditional and tangible skills that are needed to be successful as entrepreneurs, but also cultivate critical habits and attitudes that will help them in the long run towards their success in their entrepreneurship career. Students and participants in our programs will develop the spirit of collaborative contribution and respect for each other.

Experteze provides access to ideas, technology and seed financing to the participating teams. We also support the teams with access to needed facilities, team building support, mentoring and coaching and other professional services as needed. Experteze incubator program is available to the students in participating colleges and universities as well as individual and groups of entrepreneurs. We offer multiple working models to suit the needs of our participants, so regardless of the situation they are currently in, whether just starting out or part of an already successful startup wishing to grow globally, they are sure to find a model that fits their needs.

We also welcome others who are passionate about entrepreneurship to join us and help the students as mentors and coaches. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting the program.


EXPERTEZE Incubator Startup Engine is an initiative designed for students and others interested in start-ups to begin their journey as entrepreneurs. In these sessions, we discuss the basics of entrepreneurship, the prerequisites for beginning successful start-ups, and provide the support and encouragement needed for the budding entrepreneurs. These sessions are cohort based, and announcements are periodically made about the upcoming cohorts, so watch out for these announcents. Specifically, we cover the following:

  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • Brainstorming & Ideation
  • Idea evaluation & Screening
  • MVP Design
  • Networking & team formation
  • Courses, seminars and practice labs
  • Weekly presentations
  • Mentoring & coaching sessions
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    EXPERTEZE Incubator Accelerator Program is designed for entrepreneurs ready to commit to a streamlined program. The teams are selected based on their preparedness to embark on their entrepreneurial journey, typically in terms of a well-defined product idea, experience of the team members, the status of their MVP, the level of market research and customer studies. In this program, we work closely with these teams to further define their idea and provide the support and resources needed for launching their start-up. The program is cohort based, and announcements are periodically made about the upcoming cohorts, so watch out for these announcents. Specifically, we cover the following:

  • Team mission, vision and values
  • MVP Design & refinement
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Lean Canvas Model development
  • Customer/market validation & engagement
  • Business Plan development
  • Weekly presentations & review sessions
  • Mentoring & coaching sessions
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    EXPERTEZE Incubator GO GLOBAL Program is a special initiative designed to support the needs of established and growth stage startups with proven business, product and marketplace traction. It is designed to meet the unique needs of companies looking to grow their market presence in North American market. The application window for the GO GLOBAL program is open all through the year. This program includes:

  • Access to customers
  • Access to finance and investors
  • Access to technology
  • Access to field trial support
  • Access to market
  • Access to market research
  • Access to R&D
  • Access to talent
  • Support for foreign based business entities
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    We help participants to explore the scientific literature, brainstorm and identify new ideas, and generate marketable solutions for further commercialization effort. The participants learn how to keep an open mind and evaluate alternate solutions and select the ones to pursue.


    We mentor the participants, both individually and in groups, to pursue their goals with periodic coaching and review sessions. The participants learn how to solicit and receive constructive feedback.


    It starts with an idea, which comes from a scientific discovery. We begin with the topics parrticipants are passionate about, work with the the teams and guide them to perform the research necessary for scientific validation before proceeding further.


    We emphasize team collaboration in every aspect of the incubation process. The participants learn how to work with different kinds of partners, value diversity of opinions and viewpoints, exchange ideas professionally, and to make decisions in a team setting.

    Knowledge Sharing

    We teach participants how to share knowledge, and learn from other subject matter experts and fellow teammates with different skillsets.

    Market Assessment

    We help the participants how to develop a lean canvas model of their venture, perform market research, identify and evaluate market opportunity and the competitive landscape to make informed business decisions.


    We help the teams providing access to seed capital and how to seek and manage funding of the venture. The participants learn how to create a pitch deck,and make presentations to investors.


    Success in business depends on effective networking. The participants practice various presentation skills, both individually and in groups and learn how to communicate idea to potential customers and investors. And, in the process, they develop their networking skills.

    Business Development

    Ultimately every business should be able to sell their products and services to paying customers. To monetize their products, the team should work together to focus on their sales and business development processes and implement their strategy. The participants learn how to “keep their eyes on the ball” and build strong business development skills.

    Dr. Mohan Venkataramana

    President & CEO

    Mohan Venkataramana is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Syntonix Inc., an R&D diversified portfolio company with applications in healthcare, biotech, fintech, edutech, AI/ML and innovative software applications. He also founded EXPERTEZE, the non-profit initative, to promote STEMM education, research and entrepreneurship globally. With several years of experience in diverse fields including healthcare, IT, energy solutions, telecom, safety and security solutions, biotech and software development, he is passionate about entrepreneurship and has mentored and coached several students and entrepreneurs in various start-up activities. He is currently involved in building a diversified ecosystem for a resilient supply chain in semiconductors.

    Saravanan Dhandapani

    VP, Operations

    Saravanan is an accomplished engineer and a long term entrepreneur, passionate about helping others to develop their entrepreneurship skills.

    Divya Dwivedi, Esq

    Board of Advisors

    Divya Dwivedi is a practicing attorney at the Supreme Court of India and an accomplished IP Lawyer.                                  

    Francis Yee

    Mentor & Coach

    Mr. Francis Yee is a passionate engineer dedicated to mentoring students to become better entrepreneurs.

    Dr. Angayarkanni

    VP Research

    Dr. Angayarkanni is an experienced scientist in Computer Science, specializes in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies.                                                                    

    Mr. Mohammed Basha

    Coordinator & Brand Manager

    Mr. Mohammed Basha coordinates the incubator team interactions.                                                                                     

    Mr. Sayan Ganguly

    Investor Relations

    Mr. Sayan Ganguly manages the investor relations team.                                                                                     

    Dr. Kalyan Kalwa

    Board of Advisors

    Dr. Kalyan Kalwa is an experienced entrepreneur, a physician and an IT specialist. He founded Health Innovators, a premier public healthcare outreach non-profit in Boston area. He has mentored several students and entrepreneurs in their start-up ventures.                                  

    Ayush Goyal

    Board of Advisors

    Ayush is the founder of Induckt global group, a non-profit incubator in New Delhi, India. He is an analytical thinker and a problem solver with more than 6 years of industry experience in leadership and business development. With the ability to lead international transactions and corporate advisory to ventures on a global scale, he contributes to the success of his clients in compliance management across multiple business units, solving intricate legal issues and building core values to promote innovation and integrity of the organization.


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