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Find new clients for your digital agency

Why should I subscribe to CyberLeads? +

It’s easy to launch a web scraper and call it a day. It’s even easier to buy a cheap list with thousands of leads and start blasting cold emails. But be prepared for terrible results.

Be prepared for missing information. Outdated information. Wrong information. Emails bouncing and damaging your domain reputation. Angry responses from people that have already been spammed to death. Thousands of unqualified leads, that yield no results.

At CyberLeads, we focus on quality over quantity. We collect all our data by hand to ensure validity. We keep our prices high to keep spammers and scammers out.

We work with a small number of customers and we are proud of that.

For that reason, your feedback goes a very long way. We build these lists for you, not us, so we’ll go above and beyond to help you grow your company.

What is the source of your information? +

All data points in our lists, including emails, are publicly available.

Our sources include major news outlets, established funding platforms, social media networks and niche blogs.

We collect all the data by hand, then use the above sources to cross check the information and use human intuition to conclude on what we’ll add on our list.

What that means for you is two things: -Every data point and email is verified -The data is publicly available, and not the result of some database hack, leak or any other illegal activity.

We can disclose the source of a specific data point with you if it’s ever needed.

What types of companies do you include in your lists? +

We include three types of companies, specifically for agencies. All of them outsource for different reasons.

– Fast growing startups
Funded startups are growing rapidly, and will outsource anything that can save them time.

– Non profit organizations
Many non profits are in prototype phase and have to outsource everything to build their vision.

– Mature enterprises
Enterprises are looking to expand, and will outsource expensive operations to reduce costs.

Most importantly, all of above companies just received funding, so they have the money to pay a premium price for your services.

Where are most companies located? +

Around 50% of all companies are located in the US and Canada.
Around 25% of all companies are located in the UK and Europe.
Around 20% of all companies are located in LATAM and Asia.
The rest are located in Australia and Africa.

How does “Likely to outsource” work? +

We label some companies as likely to outsource Design, Development, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, etc.

We do this manually by combining raw data with human intuition.

As data, we take into consideration the number of employees in specific positions, the industry and market, the stage of the company, it’s funding amount, open hiring positions and much more. For example, a young, hip, fashion startup that has zero web designers is likely a good fit for a design business.

We also take into consideration things that cannot be quantified. For example, a healthcare startup that stores sensitive information and uses the word “trust” on it’s website, is likely a very good fit for a cybersecurity business.

What types of service businesses do you support? +

We mostly focus, but are not limited to, the following types of businesses.

1. Web Development firms.
2. App Development firms.
3. Software Development firms.
4. Design firms.
5. Branding firms.
6. Cybersecurity firms.
7. Marketing firms.
8. SEO firms.
9. Sales firms.
10. Lead generation firms.
11. Hiring firms.
13. PR firms.
14. Strategy consulting firms.
15. Growth consulting firms.
16. Business consulting firms.
17. Finance consulting firms.
18. Management consulting firms.

However, some of our most successful customers that have closed deals with our lists have been from other categories. Video Production agencies. Coaching agencies. And others.

Am I going to be competing with others? +

We are a tiny, premium, lead generation business that works with a very small number of customers (low tens)

1. We keep our prices high, in order to have very few, high quality customers.
2. Most of our customers target different kinds of companies and niches.
3. Most of them offer different kinds of services.

Overlapping on all of the above is highly unlikely.

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