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Franchise Executive Larry Layton Leaves Fast Food for Wellness With Perspire Sauna Studio

Larry Layton has made a major career switch within the franchise industry, moving out of fast food and into the wellness space as vice president of operations at Perspire Sauna Studio, an infrared sauna studio franchise. Why make such a big move? “The wellness industry is outpacing the global economy,” Layton says, “and I think it’s just getting started.” 

But growth potential isn’t the only reason he shifted career gears. “I also have a true passion for holistic methods of achieving good health and wellness, so I fell in love with Perspire Sauna Studio’s concept and culture, and I just couldn’t pass up a chance to get involved.” Layton previously worked at major national brands including Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King and Taco Bell restaurants, and he also has worked with regional and international brands such as Farmer Boys and Pollo Campero. 

And now he’ll lead a massive growth initiative at Perspire Sauna Studio, which has set a goal of doubling in size each of the next two years – with 100 locations open by the end of 2023. In 2024, the goal is to have 200 locations open in all 50 states by year-end. 

The Perspire Sauna Studio Experience

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Perspire guests are ushered to a private room and given directions for the smart TV and infrared sauna controls. The guests receive recommendations for their individualized sauna session based on their preferences. The infrared saunas raise guests’ core temperature 2 to 3 degrees (as opposed to just heating the skin as regular saunas do). Color light therapy also is a part of the therapeutic experience at Perspire Sauna Studio. Guests – who may buy single sessions, packages or memberships – love that their sauna sessions promote relaxation, rejuvenation and a quality night’s sleep later in the day. 

Customers’ loyalty to the brand was another factor that wooed Layton. He’ll leverage that as part of his growth strategy for Perspire Sauna Studio. And he’ll also apply the past lessons that he has learned about effective business operations and management as the brand expands throughout the nation, for instance: 

• Culture is everything. “You must establish a strong but welcoming culture and manage people in such a way they embrace it. Empower your team so they buy into your purpose,” Layton says. Perspire Sauna Studio’s culture is guided by the core values of RISE (an acronym for relationships, integrity, service and energy). Employees at all levels practice those values through their actions. 

• Get your hands dirty. Effective leadership requires comprehensive knowledge of a business. “Being hands-on with operations is essential for credibility,” he emphasizes.

• Prioritize pride and consistency: Satisfied customers return. Employees need to be invested in their work, with a 100% commitment toward pleasing customers and ensuring that customers return. “Skilled leadership and relentless determination” must set the stage for a repeat customer base.

• Take ownership and be accountable. The best leaders accept responsibility for their decisions and actions, Layton says. “When you do, you’ll earn your team’s trust and respect,” and then all of your team members will in turn reward you with their best performance, trust and respect.  

• Trust the process. Buy into the process with enthusiasm and proceed with confidence. “Desire without excitement and a sense of urgency loses its value,” Layton says, quoting personal-development icon Jim Rohn. 

erspire Sauna Studio Franchisees

Entrepreneurs who want to invest in Perspire Sauna Studio should be passionate about helping others while living a healthy lifestyle themselves, according to the company. The ideal franchisee candidate has a net worth of $500,000 and liquidity of $150,000. An investment of $370,000 to $562,000 is required. 

“When prospects fall in love with the brand after using our product, it winds up being a game-changer in the decision-making process,” says Cory Lyons, director of franchise sales for Perspire Sauna Studio. For more information about the franchise opportunity offered by Perspire Sauna Studio, please visit

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