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Teago as defined by name only the teago is Tea based small outlet In Bangalore. Looking for expansion all over the country. They used to market with the tagline of course Teago I LOVE CHAI. Tea is the largest consumed beverage in India. As per Tea market research the  1400,00,000 cups of tea in a Day.



Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. India is the world’s second-largest producer of tea with over 70% of it being consumed within India itself. Indians of different age groups are in the habit of getting up from bed and starting the day with sips of tea in the morning. Having tea in the morning is part of their daily routine. The women in Indian households – mothers, wives, or sisters – perform the duty of making morning tea as a habitual action and a token of affection for the family members. The making of tea by them is a sign of their love and care for the other members of the household.


Why Teago

Tapping the opportunity at right time, Teago comes with a unique proprietary blend of tea that soothes your taste buds and gives a shot of energy each time to take a sip. What makes tea so special is the specific mix of ingredients, exclusive only on Teago, that creates a taste of its own and makes it nearly impossible to replicate anywhere else in the world!

In order to serve you a great-tasting cup of tea, we source the highest quality tea from estates around the country. With additional ingredients sourced from the GCC countries, Our team of professional connoisseurs creates magic through a meticulous process.

Along with the exquisite Tea, Teago also provides the perfect variety of fine varieties of pastries and other delectable treats to compliment our range of tea and other cold beverages to provide complete refreshment. The Teago cafe has all the beverages of tea and coffee along with a different variety of snacks to complete a whole treat. 

To take franchise of Teago visit the website or visit FranchiseBazaar.com for details.

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