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Funding Search

By default, a keyword search returns results that contain all of the search terms entered. To find fewer or more results, you can use search controls to refine your search query.

Supported search controls can be broken down into two main categories:

  • Controls for “results must include” or “results must NOT include”
  • Controls for matching exact phrases
Requiring and Excluding Words and Phrases

Put a “+” in front of any word or quotes phrase that must appear in the search results

Example: electron +telescope

Put a “-” in front of any word or quoted phrase that must NOT appear in the search results

Example: elephant -seal

Searching for Phrases

Use quotation marks to group words into phrases. Records are returned that contain the exact phrase.”

Example: “wildlife refuge”

How are results ranked?

The search automatically boosts results where a word or phrase is found in the title or program abbreviation over matches found elsewhere in the record. You can restrict the search to specific fields (like title or synopsis) by opening the “All fields” menu included in the search text box.

Helpful Definitions

The Dear Colleague Letters (DCLs) that appear in the funding list provide information about upcoming opportunities or special competitions for supplements to existing awards. DCLs announcing changes to NSF policies or programs can be found in the Document Library.

A Standard Grant is a type of grant in which NSF agrees to provide a specific level of support for a specified period of time with no statement of NSF intent to provide additional future support without submission of another proposal.

A Continuing Grant is a type of grant in which NSF agrees to provide a specific level of support for an initial specified period of time, usually a year, with a statement of intent to provide additional support of the project for additional periods, provided funds are available and the results achieved warrant further support.

A Cooperative Agreement is a legal instrument of financial assistance between NSF and an awardee (see the PAPPG for further details).

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