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IKEA pauses operations in Russia and Belarus

The devastating war in Ukraine is a human tragedy, and our deepest empathy and concerns are with the millions of people impacted. The immediate actions of Inter IKEA Group and Ingka Group have been to support the personal safety and security of IKEA co-workers and their families, and we will continue to do so. The war has had a huge human impact already. It is also resulting in serious disruptions to supply chain and trading conditions. For all of these reasons, the company groups have decided to temporarily pause IKEA operations in Russia.

IKEA pauses operations in Russia and Belarus

Creating impact beyond beautiful homes

A family of five eating and laughing together at a dining table in a home decorated mainly in black and white.

IKEA has been collaborating with social enterprises since 2012 with a single mission – to create a better everyday life through long-term job opportunities and livelihood for people who need it the most. Now Saitex, and three other social enterprises, are creating the new IKEA collection VÅRDANDE, which will be available globally from July.

Creating work for those with different abilities

Co-creation – to develop better products for life at home

Two people sitting on a sofa discussing the design of a timber step stool, one holding the stool while the other takes notes.

At IKEA, we try to understand as much as possible about everyday life. Through co-creation, we invite you to tell us about your struggles and wishes at home, or to share your feedback on some of our ideas. We take what we learn and design new products, make the ones that already exist even better or create stories that inspire you. Curious?

Discover how co-creation at IKEA works

Highlights from the IKEA Sustainability Report FY21

The financial year 2021 was a year of both challenges and important movements towards the IKEA 2030 commitments. Significant sustainability achievements include improvements throughout the value chain to further reduce the IKEA climate footprint in absolute terms compared to baseline FY16, as well as the launch of a public online circular product design tool, and taking a big step forward to only use renewable energy across the entire value chain. The IKEA Sustainability Report FY21 gives an overview of the progress regarding our ambitions outlined in the People & Planet Positive strategy.

Sustainability Report FY21 highlights

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. On this site you can discover exactly what this means and find out who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

Explore the IKEA vision and business idea

Become an IKEA supplier

At IKEA, our aim is to always offer sustainable, high-quality products and an affordable price. But we can’t do it alone. We are always looking for new suppliers to join us. Are you a current or aspiring supplier?

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Join us!

Behind every IKEA product you’ll find down-to-earth, straight-forward people working for and with the many people. Together, we will create a better everyday life for ourselves and our customers.

The 8 key values that form the IKEA culture

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