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Hobbies Gone Viral On TikTok

TikTok is the birthplace of trends, including what hobbies everyone is jumping on. The plus side is you can gain a hobby and community.

TikTok is a literal breeding ground for trends from viral dances to all your favorite songs to fashion articles that everyone is wearing.

Some TikTok trends aren’t so useful as much as amusing, such as mimicking dialogues, although many influencers use it to their advantage when creating digital content.

Something that anyone can benefit from is the viral and fun hobbies that through TikTok are gaining a lot of traction. These are 10 of the most common hobbies that have gained traction through TikTok recently. One of the benefits of jumping on these hobby trends is the plethora of communities out there doing the same hobbies.

Try out some of these trending hobbies not just for yourself, but to be a part of these online and in-person communities. What a way to make friends in the 21st century.

10 Dancing

Any popular song on the radio also has a trending TikTok dance that you can learn by watching videos and then making your own.

Even songs that have long passed their moments are making comebacks through popular TikTok dances. Learning a TikTok dance is an easy way to squeeze in a workout throughout the day or an alternative to a movie night with your friends.

What better way to learn to dance than through TikTok?

9 Bullet Journals

With the rise of mental health awareness in the mainstream, journaling has also become popular through social media. From journaling for mental health, practicing gratitude and the very popular artistic expression, bullet journaling.

Bullet journals are like blank pages where you can create your weekly calendar. You can make art, make space for notes and express your thoughts. There is no limitation on what a bullet journal is, but a new way to practice mindfulness made popular through TikTok.


8 Taking Care Of Plants

TikTok revolutionized Millennials’ guide to not killing their plants. With accounts on how to care for plants, start an indoor garden from your leftover avocado toast and overall plant inspo, plants are the new home decor and hobby combo.

In this case, follow accounts that have helpful tips for caring for your plants. This is a tool for learning a skill and caring for your plant babies.

7 Crochet

Crochet has gone viral as a hobby because why not DIY  your own super cute halter top, sweater vest, bra top or a two-piece outfit?

As crochet became popular in mainstream fashion, TikToker’s as usual are using their creativity to DIY. Find patterns and inspiration by scrolling through the trend.

6 Skincare

You know the 12 step skincare routine that you are panicking about not having? That trend is also thanks to TikTok with beauty and skincare products that have gone viral such as CeraVe cleanser and anything by The Ordinary.

You don’t need 12 steps to a skincare routine, but it is fun to have a DIY spa night now and then, check out the inspo and make self-care more than a habit but a hobby.

5 Painting

If you think that you have no artistic ability, think again. Through social media platforms like TikTok, there are painting tutorials for all levels, including intro level. If you have a watercolor palette and a brush, you can watch a tutorial and get started.

The hardest part is patience, but just like any hobby, it takes time to develop a skill.

4 Roller Skating

Roller skating stands out in terms of the hobbies made popular through TikTok. The roller skaters on TikTok aren’t just blading around, they are making dances and routines to popular songs.

Similar to how the TikTok dance trend made its way to treadmills, it is also popular with rollerskating. This is a hard hobby, don’t be afraid to start slow if you are new to skates, but it is also a great workout.

As usual, have fun moving your body to good music, whatever that looks like today.

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3 Vintage Cameras

Hipsters brought back polaroids, then later film cameras followed, but the boom in vintage cameras from TikTok is undeniable. From young Gen Z teenagers to the same Millennial hipsters who go to estate sales looking for old cameras, vintage cameras are one of the most popular collectibles among young people.

2 Selling Clothes

If you love fashion, TikTok is the place for you. The community is full of fashion inspo and make how-to’s on creating outfits or styling specific pieces. From the strong fashion community on TikTok, it is no wonder that it has become the next clothing resale market.

Sell your clothes, and use that money to keep funding your hobby. Or let your hobby become your solid side gig that is fun, creative and builds social media marketing skills.

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1 Cooking

Cooking never goes out of style, and as social media grows there has become more and more accessible to folks on how to make easy, fun and delicious meals at home.

TikTok is a great source of how-to’s for cooking up new recipes and even just finding recipes to try out this weekend. When looking for recipes, do add your twist as sometimes the recipes are quite basic.

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