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How to use “opportunities” in a sentence

Another way of keeping abreast of opportunities is to use one of the services that track contracts that could be relevant to your business. I would stand in a corner watchfully, taking pictures as the opportunities came. The project will involve training and building opportunities for the children of lepers who are often ostracised for a disease they do not have. Aren’t these occasions meant to offer works that are new rather than opportunities for retrospection? Typically, students would first sit for these exams in the 9th or 10th grade and enjoy multiple opportunities for retests. However the opportunities to grant bequests, or to leave legacies and gifts are pre-empted. The period after the Restoration of 1660 offered many opportunities for royalists well-connected enough to seize them. The agency offered numerous classes, films, and other learning opportunities on a regular basis. Making educational opportunities responsive to personal needs may help consumers to more quickly gain needed skills. Moreover, the job has provided me with great responsibility as well as opportunities, many of which I have exploited. The Angolans were in Namibia to explore trade and investments opportunities for Angolan products. I will want to hear about specific cases where opportunities have gone by the board. Further opportunities in Ireland arise from waste water treatment plants and agricultural residues. He never wants to come off sounding bitter or resentful over opportunities lost. Instead, a really serious investor would have to look to Britain for resale opportunities. As such, it said, the lawmakers and judiciary ought also to be blamed for the lack of job opportunities. Countries once considered laughing stocks are now financial powerhouses and with that comes opportunities for investors. The first period totalled up a paltry amount of three genuine opportunities. For the last hurrah, I think he has opened the door to a lot of merchandising opportunities. Birthday celebrations are useful opportunities to repair these kind of gaps, to explore neglected corners, or even to reconsider the familiar. Show More Sentences The rich benefit from rising productivity and enhanced rent seeking opportunities. You are youthful and enthusiastic about new creative projects and opportunities today. Neither of us is getting any younger and I feel that we should take advantage of whatever opportunities we’re offered. Status, rank, and patronage opportunities had rarely been of greater importance and even remote family connections could be of real use. It provided them with training opportunities, courses and help with independent living. There’s wonderful opportunities to be made use of in this land and on this land. Considering the opportunities we have all been given, are we really putting our lives to best use? Neon lights, theatrically lighted landmarks and monuments, and carnivals all present picture opportunities that don’t show up by daylight. Sometimes there are unexpected opportunities that you may find remarkably profitable. There were opportunities to get better deals and other financial charges that we could shed if we went it alone. There were a lot of opportunities for them to be alone together discussing her graduation project. He is still young and the opportunities might look lucrative, but he should be reminded that all that glitters is not gold. Look for opportunities to form teams in communicating with pastors and lay people. New opportunities in the rental property sector have arisen following the budget’s reintroduction of mortgage interest relief. Storybooks containing alliteration provide opportunities for children to hear words that have the same beginning sounds. The ‘ exposure ‘ combined with ‘ opportunities ‘ is what produces the X factor. The Mariners had several opportunities to seal the game and win an important series, yet they played lackadaisically. Your professional wisdom and craft are appreciated and fresh opportunities in your field of activity are made available to you. Those monks have had their own way for far too long and this is all about equal opportunities. They were full of regret at missed opportunities and wrong-headed policies, but they were not angry. Show More Sentences She did praise my writing and presented me with many opportunities to stretch my skills. Such opportunities are occasionally used as a precursor for stalking or worse. Pleasure is mixed with anxiety as you worry about the smooth running of business and availability of significant opportunities. Called Bundu dia Kongo, the movement provided Muanda with ample opportunities to devise and propagate his own visions of the Kongo past. Diversity management is an important tool in exploiting opportunities and meeting these challenges. The plan has not changed significantly but re-emphasises the need to create employment opportunities in the town. Stressing the current difficulty in recruiting manual workers, he said career opportunities had to be provided to change this trend. Most supporters of this shift to the right acknowledge some obligation to redress unequal opportunities, and to protect the vulnerable. He wonders now if he was trying to prolong his pain by allowing Sharon, after the break-up, multiple opportunities to twist the knife. In contrast, women’s work as domestics and in the field rarely provided opportunities to leave the plantation. However, they are in competition with other kleptoparasites for opportunities to steal food. It is, unfortunately, a recursive game, providing opportunities for learning from past mistakes. Every day provides plenty of opportunities to witness to the life of Christ in me and to die to myself so that I can care for others! This ministry has opened many opportunities for witness, counseling and inviting people to take part in the church’s fellowship life. For half a century Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau withered any rival in vocal range with an austere glare and an iron grip on recording opportunities. Heaped on a pedestal, the intact wishbones are perfect wish opportunities forgone for the sake of art. When it comes to sports, Henry says football remains the king of beer promotional opportunities. Hire an exact clone and the odds are good that the problems that exist now won’t go away and new opportunities will go undiscovered. I was particularly impressed with his recitation of the names of every filmmaker who gave him the opportunities that made his career. Advice on exam rechecks, as well as information on further education and job opportunities will also be provided. Show More Sentences The Air Force provides many different opportunities for airmen and airwomen. Suddenly, Fashion Bug didn’t seem like a fun place with cute, kicky, affordable clothes and plentiful opportunities for advancement. The evolutionary dance leads us through death which gives rise to rebirth and new opportunities. Suddenly United found themselves dominating possession and creating opportunities at will. The answers lie in work opportunities in a rural agrarian economy and sparsely populated state. Passing exams and going to university will provide our youngsters with tremendous opportunities. McMahon had two good opportunities to add to his tally and claim a hat-trick but fired wide on both occasions. What is needed is aggressiveness, innovation, being able to identify opportunities. It’s one thing to have opportunities at the ready, but making sure your target audience knows about them is just as important. Enterprises with fast reaction times can use that advantage to capitalize on opportunities faster than their competitors. It affords opportunities to solve problems and demonstrate the concern of the care team. Each route affords opportunities to see and buy from artists of all disciplines. On the contrary, it affords new opportunities for understanding and living with the past. We have also worked very hard at keeping our staff by affording them opportunities to progress through the ranks. There are many artists who are not members of the party living affluently, with enough opportunities to practice their arts. The show offers some whip-smart dialogue and a central father-daughter relationship with seemingly boundless opportunities for conflict. Britain’s highest ranking Asian fire officer has been awarded the OBE for his services to equal opportunities. This event is advertised as a family day out with opportunities to watch skilled aviation displays and see exciting jet aircraft. From what they told me, most of these parents were taking advantage of the opportunities for involvement offered by the schools. There are many wonderful opportunities to take advantage of within the university and outside it as well. Show More Sentences In order to begin taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the convention the state of the marine environment must be assessed. She works hard and takes advantage of all the learning opportunities available to her. We’re delighted to see that more girls are taking advantage of the opportunities on offer to play the game. In my mind, the more opportunities he took advantage of, the quicker he would advance to that all-important Black Belt. I spent a lot of the time being miserable, not fitting in, not taking advantage of the superb opportunities offered. Many students move into coaching, taking advantage of opportunities not only in this country, but also in America, France and Canada. If the opportunities to gain advantage from automation are largely gone, the remaining frontier is innovation. There are plenty of opportunities for career advancement, but only those who know they’ll be absolutely dedicated should join. They give their employees opportunities for advancement and assist in career building. By making yourself visible you automatically increase your career advancement opportunities. It is an exciting business sector with excellent opportunities for career advancement. They always provided the best of opportunities for their children as well as caring for their extended whanau and the Temuka community. She also thinks that future economic opportunities in the whale-watching business will be land-based. The jukeboxes in the bars were ringing with recordings made in Chicago and New York, rich with the promises of new opportunities. Knowing that, the skilled judoka can actually turn vulnerabilities into opportunities. There will be more opportunities for people to put their views across in the future. Surely our fair city has a wealth of opportunities for those willing to shun the pub and the joypad? But additionally, they are cognisant of the reality that this crisis offers opportunities for starting and sustaining a dialogue. In this case, large-scale privatization has created many opportunities for foreign ownership and joint ventures. However, opportunities for more formalized joint sessions on a regular basis might be explored. Show More Sentences So this is another one of those opportunities that we all have to join together. As the population shrinks, there are more opportunities for older people to prove their business acumen. Professional opportunities and options are to be weighed and considered before a clear decision can be taken. New plans, opportunities and collaborations need to be discussed and explored for actualisation in the near future. Many organizations have given their core workers greater job security, with defined career opportunities. The film makes it clear that this miserable combination of time and place provides endless opportunities for racketeers. Kapur had opportunities to win either of the first two games, but his racquet work deserted him when he ran out of gas in the third. This has helped in solving the problem of drinking water, bringing some lands under rabi crops and generating employment opportunities. Now, have you had opportunities, in the course of your acquaintance with Mr. Favreau, to watch him walk? The objective of the event is to explore the strengths and weaknesses of franchising as a source of new business opportunities. That’s much more attractive, to my way of thinking, than living in a soulless outer suburb far from facilities and employment opportunities. Private clinics providing thinly veiled opportunities for queue-jumping have expanded. Disturbance after eggs are laid provides opportunities for predation by carrion crows, jays, kestrels, magpies, foxes and mink. If he had stayed on in South Africa, it is questionable whether he would have had the opportunities to develop. Rather than taking the incremental, linear approach, he’s quested after different opportunities, different experiences. I’ve been harping on and harping on at people about his potential but he hasn’t quite taken his opportunities. The Air Force has invited students to accrue the benefits from the career opportunities exhibition as a run up to the recruitment rally. And yet how can one not regret wasted time, missed opportunities, failure, as well as happiness of a kind that one can never know again? England’s captain had given the ball away all afternoon, but he does not waste too many crossing opportunities. All to make sure that the children get the opportunities they were denied by mere accident of birth. Show More Sentences Given recent developments in calculation and derivative products, new opportunities are now available in portfolio construction and trading. The usually quicksilver striker is looking jaded and he had three opportunities to put Dundee ahead before Hibs took the lead. By limiting the number of children, they intended to give them better opportunities. There are great opportunities for making a quantum jump in social and economic development. The high seas harbour a host of job opportunities for those driven by wanderlust and the desire for a life away from the humdrum. Without a bribed official, a halcyon, or eagle, will watch the entry point with binoculars for patterns and opportunities. They had many chances to score but they couldn’t convert their opportunities. Some of the most explosive opportunities could be based around things that the Western world seems reluctant to adopt. In content, they deal in lost loves, lost opportunities, and the ambivalence inspired by a difficult childhood. Other human practices, like the hunting and consumption of wild animals for food, provide other opportunities for spillover. The Italians weren’t walkovers, repelling a number of New Zealand’s opportunities in the first 10 minutes and eventually crossing for a try 11 minutes after half-time. There were opportunities for considerable travel at home and abroad. An abutter has several opportunities during the Public Hearing process to voice concerns about a given subdivision that may alter the final design or decision. In short, a quant combs through price ratios and mathematical relationships between companies or trading vehicles in order to divine profitable trading opportunities. The resort is built on Grace Bay which offers excellent opportunities for a range of water sports, including sailing, swimming, diving and fishing. Side roads in-between advertise numerous opportunities for whitewater rafting and jetboat rides, though maybe not so exciting in the current drought. There are opportunities team building, leadership and skill acquisition. It is also in recognition of the importance of Namibia’s fisheries sector in terms of GDP contribution, balance of trade and employment opportunities. He had hit his ball to within a short wedge of the 350-yard par-four hole, and was intent on getting his score down to nine under after a welter of missed opportunities. We will provide the job-holder with opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge by excellent training opportunities in the field of RNA biology. Show More Sentences More than 50 employers take part in the Sharrow project which uses a raft of display boards in shops and libraries to advertise details of job opportunities. Anyway, you take advantage of all the opportunities you find in your life. Career opportunities are closely linked with the promotion to a higher rank which officers receive as a rule when appointed to higher job assignments. He lines his pockets when opportunities arise, and gets ahead of domestic rivals by craft and deceit. You know it can seem like opportunities are missed, that time has been wasted, or that innate potential is not being realised during times like that. Electronic commerce, also called E-commerce, is revolutionizing how producers and agribusiness enterprises market their products and research new opportunities. Our search revealed a wide range of training opportunities available for just about every retail management challenge, from agronomy and soils to sales and finance. It is looking for projects to support and opportunities to aid family development and address issues relevant to children and young people, such as new safe play areas. Markets outside the US such as Asia where exporters quote in dollars will also offer greater opportunities, if the dollar holds at current levels, he said. Advances in information technology, such as the Internet, have created unprecedented opportunities for organizations to recast their relationships with constituents. She charged Brandon with keeping his emotions bottled up, and Danielle with failing to give him opportunities to vent. There is also a YPT scheme for younger teenagers and the BAC offers opportunities to virtually anyone in the borough who wishes to become involved in theatre. Kiosks within the special pavilion will offer visitors a range of opportunities from information gathering to making on-line transactions for products and services. With the game being a drudgery of spilled balls, abject kicking and woeful execution of the few scoring opportunities that were created the mind wandered. Trade and motorsports shows and similar events offer great opportunities to sell your sponsorship if you handle yourself in a professional manner. The strategy aims to put in place opportunities and schemes to re-educate owners, offering them advice and assistance to return their properties to use. In the film, there are plenty of other opportunities for Aniston to underscore the depravity of her character. Desmond Diggs is the founder of Teach for Liberia, an organization that provides young Liberians with educational opportunities. The challenge lies ahead in how to refashion our tools and reformulate our strategies to capture the opportunities and to make more of a difference. Michele enjoys the alfresco dining opportunities in the Mall and wants to see the present requirement of a 2.4m space between the dining tables and business retained. Show More Sentences Rather, the essential dynamic for political and governmental action in both realms continued to be kingship, seeking opportunities for the expression of its regality. These opportunities presented themselves when grain, destined for towns or populous regions, moved through areas themselves suffering from food shortage. Ahlef said there simply were no other employment opportunities where he lived in the town of Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Picture books shared with your children provide daily opportunities to contribute to and complement their developing concepts about picture reading and print. In this respect, none of the land grant institutions appears to have successfully emphasized lengthy in country experiences, despite a professed plethora of opportunities. These reforms were intended to free the common man to pursue business opportunities without the oppressive yoke of high interest rates or excessive rents. Such groups will have to develop appropriate linkages with technological and credit institutions as well as to assured and remunerative marketing opportunities. Chesapeake aggressively pursued business opportunities beyond its drilling. The difficulties for youth in obtaining an education are amplified by limited opportunities for work, while social problems among young people are increasing. In any case, the counterrevolution will be a long one, affording us many, many opportunities to be outraged while laughing up our sleeves at the spectacle. A third hypothesis is based on the idea that resident and migratory species may use different strategies to acquire territories and breeding opportunities. Staff working in a discipline that has limited application should consider upskilling or reskilling, and examine training and development opportunities. A key element in this regard is the presence of farm enterprises that are flexible and responsive to the rapidly changing opportunities in today’s economy. Once a week there is a market at Jandia with opportunities galore for bargain-hunters, especially for local leatherwork and beautifully embroidered linen. Many retailers are unaware of the opportunities each customer represents. That fact challenges the fundamental assumptions not only of democracy but of a truly open market with equitable opportunities. He volunteered much of his own time and effort to the provision of recreation and leisure opportunities for the aged and disabled in our community. A fragmented China provided easy opportunities for Japan to gain territories piece by piece without engaging in total war. Immigrants moved to the city for work opportunities from many parts of Europe, most notably Ireland. Large numbers began migrating north looking for better job opportunities and living conditions, and to escape Jim Crow laws and racial violence. Show More Sentences The RAF have also provided photo opportunities for aviation enthusiasts during exercises such as Joint Warrior. Tourists can also go sea kayaking or power kiting, and ample opportunities are available for keen anglers. He started learning to drive and he has been itching for opportunities to practice ever since. Raleigh was brought to London from Plymouth by Sir Lewis Stukeley, where he passed up numerous opportunities to make an effective escape. Canada had plenty of land and jobs and new opportunities, which created a pull factor. Exchange opportunities vary by School and eligibility requirements are specific to each exchange program. Some mastered English to become conversant with local legal and business opportunities. Many Germans came to escape the religious conflicts and declining economic opportunities in Germany and Switzerland. Schools became more numerous during the Empire, and increased the opportunities for children to acquire an education. Women, freedmen, and slaves had opportunities to profit and exercise influence in ways previously less available to them. It did stimulate some trade and industry, but the trading opportunities encountered were limited. Team Durham Community Outreach is a sports community programme aimed at giving support and opportunities through the use of sport. With a significant improvement in local security, Somali expatriates began returning to the country for investment opportunities. Globalization is said to affect the country, with many educated professionals leaving Ethiopia for better economic opportunities in the West. Such storage opportunities are typically increased in catchments of larger size, thus leading to a lower yield and sediment delivery ratio. For PSG, it was Wilfride Kanga who was engineering most of the side’s early opportunities. Davar Aram of Chino Hills who failed several opportunities to become sober. In 1987, he co-founded The Davco Group, a hedge fund arbitraging opportunities in global securities and commodities markets. The PEP holder is also entitled to stay in Singapore for up to 6 months in between jobs and to evaluate career opportunities. Owen found at the tailor shop opportunities to discuss and argue topics with workers and customers. Show More Sentences Waugh’s elation at his transfer soon descended into disillusion as he failed to find opportunities for active service. The department’s network of ‘job centres’ and ‘jobs and benefits offices’ advertised job opportunities for Northern Ireland residents. For those who remained new economic opportunities emerged through the export of cattle, commercial fishing and tourism. But instead the disclosure requirement has simply meant new business opportunities for money launderers. Other issues are environmental pollution, animal welfare and finding alternative income opportunities for farmers. The OSCE aims to provide equal opportunities for men and women and to integrate gender equality in policies and practices. By recommitting to their resolutions every Monday, they get 52 opportunities to stick with it and incorporate healthier habits into their lives. For those who remained, new economic opportunities emerged through the export of cattle, commercial fishing and tourism. There was widespread agreement in contemporary accounts that profit making opportunities were better with enclosed land. We haven’t redeployed that capital into the market as yet for opportunities and more visibility. We are hopeful of redeployment opportunities for many of the staff, but expect around 100 to be leaving altogether. Vaccination and increased treatment opportunities with antibiotics resulted in great improvements within the Norwegian population. Hong Kong offers wide recreational and competitive sport opportunities despite its limited land area. In a few years, quarrying and tourism could complement the fisheries that depend on the changing prices of fish and fishing opportunities. Tangier still represents real opportunities in various fields like industry, trade, tourism and construction, Saida said. Re-engineering offers great opportunities to improve performance in claims organizations because claims processes are so complex. This Y2 ASI does not prevent a Soldier from reenlistment or promotion opportunities at this time. Danish universities offer international students a range of opportunities for obtaining an internationally recognised qualification in Denmark. Others participated to satisfy feudal obligations, obtain glory and honour, or seek opportunities for economic and political gain. Teaching Alexander the Great gave Aristotle many opportunities and an abundance of supplies. Show More Sentences The four Junior disciplines, boys’ and girls’ singles and doubles, provide limited opportunities to achieve a Grand Slam. He looked at the same gloomy scenario but reframed it to see possibilities and opportunities. A FLIMSY plot provides five central characters with myriad opportunities to bellyache about their fabulous millionaire’s lifestyles. In 1996 he launched the Faldo Series to provide opportunities to young golfers under the age of 21 from around the world both male and female. Lux Research developed a demand-side forecast to quantify opportunities for BEMS applications and building automation system applications. Often the technology was purchased from Britain or British engineers and entrepreneurs moved abroad in search of new opportunities. Gilchrist missed two stumping opportunities to remove Bell and failing to hold a catch to remove Flintoff. Wherever two jurisdictions come into contact, special economic opportunities arise for border trade. A panel of Salvadorian officials and a US businessman discussed the opportunities and advantages of doing business and investing in El Salvador. This career move vastly increased Byrd’s opportunities to widen his scope as a composer and also to make contacts at Court. This was no sinecure, with maintenance an important part of the job, although there were many opportunities to derive profit. With further technological advances, cooking came to accommodate new opportunities. A joint-venture company will be established to explore potential future acquisition opportunities with SK Networks in the Republic of Colombia. There are many opportunities for students at Oxford to receive financial help during their studies. Assess opportunities and risks for innovative treatments targeting the acute leukaemias. Having taken part in various local volunteering opportunities before, Lana has always been keen to travel and help if she ever got the chance. Grammar school pupils were given the best opportunities of any schoolchildren in the state system. The National Head Start Bureau has been looking for more opportunities to partner with public schools. There are also a number of networking opportunities for industry players sponsored by The Guardian and Big Kahuna films. On the other hand, educational treatment in the case of foreign language may offer opportunities mainly for learning. Show More Sentences This inequality has also been criticized as conflicting with the principle of equal opportunities. The MDAX market segment for medium-sized companies offers Loewe AG opportunities and challenges that we will embrace. It also creates opportunities for employment in the service sector of the economy associated with tourism. Since nearly losing his shirt in a business deal a few years back, he investigates new opportunities more cautiously. The two-year program not only provides unique instruction in logistics but also lends opportunities for officers to grow as leaders and managers. Due to heightened awareness among people, educational opportunities for Pakistani women have increased over the years. The revamps are seen opening up a range of business opportunities in tourism s as water sports, nature outings, fishing and dining. At present, co-firing offers the best opportunities for market penetration of biomass. As technology takes new forms, it brings new opportunities for corruption and hence demands new checking and balancing. The job offers many opportunities for professional advancement. An analysis published in 2011 in The Lancet attributes Japanese life expectancy to equal opportunities and public health as well as diet. Lizardlings thus hatch out and wander off on their own without parental contact or the opportunities for learning that such contact provides. The college also works in partnership with schools across the county to provide vocational training opportunities for students aged 14 upwards. Chichester Harbour and the South Downs provide opportunities for outdoor pursuits. The Peak District provides opportunities for many types of outdoor activity. Large bores can be particularly unsafe for shipping but also present opportunities for river surfing. During the latter period, some people began to migrate to cities of the New South for opportunities. Such opportunities help learners to overcome their cack-handedness and to develop their ability to use equipment comfortably. If a male leaves the beach to feed, he will likely lose mating opportunities and his dominance. I wanted to become a professional, but because of my financial situation there were no opportunities. Show More Sentences A number of opportunities to attack enemy ships by torpedo had presented themselves but had been missed. The development is designed to increase berthing opportunities and provide more operational land. Living in a city can provide opportunities of proximity, diversity, and marketplace competition. These services requires workers, resulting in more numerous and varied job opportunities. Urbanization also creates opportunities for women that are not available in rural areas. Living in cities permits individuals and families to take advantage of the opportunities of proximity and diversity. Migration continued as people moved to the Americas fleeing religious persecution or seeking economic opportunities. The island has many tourism opportunities, ranging from sea kayaking, camping, fishing and hunting, to hiking. Entertainment opportunities abound in the island’s three cities and numerous towns, particularly during summer festivals. Dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities for advancement, he took a position in 1924 with Vickers Ltd. Many American seaside resorts are popular destination across the world, known for their climates, culture, and entertainment opportunities. Camps provide opportunities that are unlike school, often opening the natural world to children that may never be outside. Over half the county is protected countryside, offering walking, cycling and other recreational opportunities. Competition over jobs, business opportunities, public services and housing has led to tension between refugees and host communities. Engineering of phytotechnologies presents many opportunities for sustainable development of plant-based approaches to water quality issues. Although most of Italy was controlled by conservative Habsburgs or the pope, Tuscany had some opportunities for reform. Globalization has expanded recreational opportunities by spreading pop culture, particularly via the Internet and satellite television. For these Europeans, they were seeking economic opportunities, therefore, land and resources were important for the success of the mission. The port has allowed Tangier to become a more globalized city with new international opportunities that will help facilitate economic growth. Colonies were established to provide customers, raw materials, and investment opportunities. Show More Sentences But Alexander, always ready to seize opportunities to aggrandize his family, then adopted a double policy. Everyday Filipinos also benefited from the new economy with the rapid increase in demand for labor and availability of business opportunities. The outer islands are sparsely populated due to lack of employment opportunities and economic development. They left due to lynchings and racial violence, and for better opportunities. While heritage tourism provides economic opportunities for some, it can devalue contributions made by less familiar groups. Virginia was an attractive destination because the presence of the older colony might offer better security and trade opportunities. As many indentured workers were illiterate, especially Africans, there were opportunities for abuse by planters and other indenture holders. Dutch ships carried goods, but they also opened up opportunities for the exchange of knowledge. More budget resorts are being opened in remote areas, which will provide more tourism opportunities. Often, these rural priests did not know Latin and lacked opportunities for proper theological training. I pray that it will not be an end in itself, but will lead to new opportunities for proclaiming the Gospel. Many people emigrated during the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century due to the lack of employment opportunities and poverty. She mentions that in modern organizations, human resources need to be combined in order to better capture and create business opportunities. Csikszentmihalyi acknowledged that Montessori’s prepared environment offers children opportunities to achieve flow. Regardless of the firm size, big or small, they can partake in entrepreneurship opportunities. Specifically, the preferential access to or ability to recognize information about opportunities. An entrepreneur typically has a mindset that seeks out potential opportunities during uncertain times. This leads us to see that an entrepreneur must have leadership skills or qualities in order to see potential opportunities and act upon them. In developing countries, with high poverty and poor schooling opportunities, child labour is still prevalent. People from across Europe were attracted by the economic opportunities, and the population grew rapidly.

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