Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Mathematical Football Predictions

Since our start in 2020, our mathematical football predictions have earned decent amounts to those who decided to follow us. But remember: There is no guarantee, so make sure to use critical thinking!

We have some decent results to show you! The football predictions, built by real data scientists show an incredible accuracy growth over the past months. This means the self-learning algorithm is doing great and you can take advantage of that. Our investigation suggests that we deliver more accurate football predictions than any other competitor out there.

You have rewarded our most accurate mathematical football predictions with great feedback, but asked to increase the number of leagues. Our answer is: Of course! It is going to take a few weeks and after the hard work is done, the count of leagues rises to 1100. With that you will receive more opportunities and also higher yield and accuracy.

This amount of data is however an extremely expensive thing, but with only 1 000 subscribers we can do magic. What does it mean? We will be able to give you data worth £5 000 only for £9.99 per month. When do we go live? Not sure, but we let you know. Make sure to create an account in the right corner and we will send you an update when we get there.

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