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Microsoft CSP – New Commerce Experience

Reduce Financial Risk

NCE brings new financial risks for Direct CSPs, and Cloudmore features are specially designed to mitigate that risk. Such as  – 

  • Role-based access to ensure only approved employees can provision and manage new subscriptions.
  • Limit products so enforce products by type or subscription length.
  • Approval processes for secure customer self-service.
  • Full audit log and subscription history to quickly settle disputes about who did what and when.
  • Advanced price management and pricing visibility to reduce the possibility of mistakes for margin erosion.
  • Easy access for finance or account managers to suspend and resume service due to non-payment of invoices.
  • Bi-directional sync with the Partner Center to ensure that billing is correct no matter where the change is made. 
  • Planned renewals to ensure renewals are configured correctly with the right subscriptions, well in advance.

These features alongside migration support, broker country-based pricing, 100% accurate reconcilable billing feeds and the usual subscription management, customer self-service make Cloudmore the first choice for fast-growing and well established Direct CSPs around the world,

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Five important areas to consider when moving to the Microsoft New Commerce Experience.

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