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MLS Odds 2021 – Best Online & Vegas Soccer Odds & Lines

MLS betting odds

As Major League Soccer (MLS) becomes more popular across North America, so does soccer betting in the USA and Canada. The main betting odds for the MLS are the 3-way moneyline and Over/Under totals, with futures bets on the MLS Cup also being popular.

MLS moneyline

Three-way moneyline odds are the most popular way to bet on MLS. Due to the low-scoring nature of soccer, games will often end in a draw. Three-way moneylines allow you to bet on either team but also on a match that ends in a draw after 90 minutes. In this type of betting, there is often a plus-money price on all three options, with the favored result having the lowest positive number of the three odds prices.

Check out today’s MLS moneylines by selecting the ML button at the top of the odds page.

MLS Over/Under

MLS Over/Unders — also known as totals — are a very popular way to bet on soccer without being tied to whether a team wins, loses or draws. Oddsmakers calculate an estimated total number of goals to be scored in the match and bettors can wager on whether the final score will go Over or Under that total.

You can find today’s MLS Over/Unders by clicking on the total button above the odds board.

MLS Vegas odds

Put your finger on the pulse of sports betting with the MLS Vegas odds. You can find Major League Soccer odds — 3-way moneylines and totals — from the best and biggest sportsbooks in Las Vegas in the grey column on the far right of the MLS odds board.

MLS Opening Lines

The MLS opening line will show you the original odds posted by betting sites. This allows you to compare those first numbers with the live MLS betting odds across the industry, discover the biggest line moves, and find out where the smart betting action is landing. You can find the MLS opening line in the column on the far left of the odds board.

MLS Cup odds

MLS Cup odds are posted before the Major League Soccer schedule begins. These futures odds will change over the course of the season, reacting to results, injuries, and MLS betting action, until one team is crowned MLS Cup champions.

MLS odds FAQs

What does MLS stand for?

MLS stands for Major League Soccer. It is the highest level of men’s professional soccer in the USA.

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