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MyPerfectResume: The Best Resume Builder Online in 2022

Customize your resume to the job

Our Resume Builder gives you expert guidance that will ensure your resume fits the job.

Up your application game

Customize, autofill, and apply for jobs using your resume with the help of Myperfectresume’s Chrome extension.

Follow our expert resume advice

Covering every aspect of the resume process, our tips will give you all you need to create a superior resume.

Get your resume in the right format

Create a resume that’s formatted in a way that best displays your strengths, using our format guide and examples.

Build your cover letter

Pair your resume with a personalized cover letter using our Builder, and give yourself the best chance to land a job interview.

Use our tips to create your cover letter

From the opening salutation to your final signature, use our expert advice to create a perfect cover letter.

Use our cover letter templates

Use our industry-specific, downloadable templates to help you craft your own first-in-class cover letter and make the right impression in your job application.

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