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National Startup Awards 2021

The following rules will be followed:

I. Participation in the National Startup Awards is voluntary

II. Startups/Incubators/Accelerators who have won in their respective category in National Startup Awards 2020 will not be eligible to apply for National Startup Awards 2021

III. One startup can nominate itself in maximum of two categories

IV. Award application form is to be filled in English only

V. Finalists maybe subject to a legal due diligence review by independent third-party evaluators. If the individual/organization refuses to such a request, DPIIT holds the right to select the next highest scoring Nominee as the Award winner

VI. By participating in the National Startup Awards, the startups, nominator, ecosystem enablers agree to the Government of India’s and its partners use of its name, URL, photos and videos for promotional purposes on its website and other promotional material

VII. Any false information provided within the context of National Startup Awards by any entity concerning identity, mailing address, telephone number, email address, ownership of right, or non-compliance with these rules or any terms and conditions or the like may result in the immediate elimination of the entity from the Awards process

VIII. The decisions of the Jury and the implementation committee shall be final and binding. At the discretion of the jury, awards may not be presented in any Sector or Sub sector, if a deserving entity is not found

IX. All Support Agency(s), Jury, shall sign (physically or digitally), a non- disclosure agreement with DPIIT

X. DPIIT reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the National Startup Awards or not award any entity in any sector or sub-sector. DPIIT further reserves the right to disqualify any candidate/entity that tampers with the submission process, commits fraud or is in violation of criminal and/or civil laws

XI. DPIIT reserves the right to seek additional details and share necessary information with other stakeholders

XII. Allowances shall not be paid to any entity for travel or presentation before Jury

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