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Respite From Your Job, Resources For a New Career

Welcome to your community career site where you can explore opportunities such as side hustles, certifications, online learning, career coaches, resume writers (and more) that may help you find your professional purpose (and leave your 9 to 5!). We believe that providing information, resources, and tools to help you “find your purpose” might serve as that nudge to take a small or big professional career leap. You can also connect and vent with other like-minded professionals, in a fun and anonymous environment. Everyone needs a break from their job/boss/coworkers to blow off some steam by connecting with others and sharing funny and frustrating work related stories. Use your free dashboard to organize all of your resources. And submit your most annoying buzzword to help change/rename the site!

Find Your Purpose

Explore resources that will take you to the next level in your career or to a new career altogether. We offer plenty of options for you to consider. Maybe it is a side hustle, career coach, resume writer, certification, startup resources, or higher education that you need. Use your free dashboard to organize and make notes along the journey of finding your true professional purpose.

Connect and Share Work Stories

Work can be stressful and there are so many reasons that venting your stress to your coworkers is a bad idea. Share your woes with other like-minded professionals in a fun and anonymous environment. Add levity to your day by sharing funny (or annoying) work stories, and reading and commenting on the stories of others!

Submit/Vote on Business Buzzwords

We have all heard, and probably used, annoying workplace buzzwords. Now is the time to share your favorite, or least favorite buzzword and vote on others. The coolest part about it… you can change the name of the site by your vote and/or submission. YOU help define the brand!

Side Hustle Ideas – Write App Reviews

Making money with is as easy as 1, 2, 3! If you’re looking to make some extra cash, you can do so by testing apps on your phone or tablet. The process is simple: you sign up with your name and email address, choose an app to test from the app review database, test it on your phone or tablet, write an honest opinion about the app, and begin making money! If you like apps, (and who doesn’t?) and sharing your opinions, check out this cool opportunity!

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