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Startup Incubator for Non-Technical Founders

1.No tech skills means you have to give up massive equity to technical cofounders you hardly know.

2.Or hire some developers, tech team or outsource to an agency to build your app – but you will have to raise money to be able to support such an engagement.

3.Investors will not entertain you and will usually say they want to see your app built with traction first.

No funding without traction > No traction without an app > No app without a tech team > No tech team without funding!

Do you see a ‘chicken and egg’ problem here?

This is a loop and you don’t want to end up being caught into it.

But – What if I tell you there is a shorter and better way to start up! All you need is to validate your proof of concept and get product-market-fit. And you don’t need any external tech team or funding to get to this stage first.

We have been working with startups since the last 16 years and have helped, nurtured and built some great companies from the ground up, a vast majority of them are founded by non-technical founders.

We have witnessed the success of some great companies we got associated with and the key skills these founders have had is not tech but their ability in surrounding themselves with the best mentors and gurus early on. The best founders have proven their prowess and superiority in emotional intelligence combined with their industry knowledge over technical entrepreneurs.

This is the reason why some of the best startups in the last two decades such as Airbnb, Uber, OYO Rooms, Bytedance (TikTok), WeWork are all founded by non-technical founders.

And this is where StartupGuru enters the game. StartupGuru is designed to enable non-technical founders bring their idea from the ground up and turn it into reality.

We have brought in the best of the industry, product engineers, designers, developers, marketers, channel partners, domain experts and funding experts – all the stakeholders that you will need, under one roof and with a single mission – to help you succeed!

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