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Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin

The full team can switch jobs in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Over the course of the story, each party member will unlock four additional jobs. This can create a very diverse team and help players focus more on Jack’s build.

While party member jobs are extremely helpful in single-player, the restriction is lifted in multiplayer mode. There, guest players can apply their jobs unlocked for Jack on whomever they play as. This can create unique situations and animations like Ash as a nimble caster or turning Sophia into a near-invincible tank.

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New party jobs will unlock at level 1, making it a good idea to level them up in past Stranger of Paradise stages. Still, Jack’s level is the most important factor and it is possible to babysit new advanced and expert jobs. Still, it is overall a good idea to try out jobs in side quests rather than the next higher-end story mission.

Advanced Party Jobs in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Monk

The four party members start with one basic job in Stranger of Paradise, but then unlock an advanced job after Audience with the Dark Elf. A second advanced job is later gained via the mission Memories of Wind. Because these two are many character levels between each other, players will want to take time to equally level up all jobs by replaying missions.


Jed’s starting class is Duelist, which gives him access to quick dagger attacks. His first advanced job of Thief gives him further support options to keep enemies down. His true power shines once unlocking Samurai, which allows him to deal heavy attacks and restore lost MP.


Ash begins as the close-range Pugilist that specializes in combos. His next evolution is into Monk, allowing easier recover from attacks, healing, and aliment removal. He really shines later as a Berserker, which allows major damage per strike; however, he also takes more damage in return.


Neon’s specialty is survival as a Swordsman. This gets even better as a Red Mage, allowing her to bring in even more support with magic spells like Haste and Regen. Later on she also unlocks Knight, which further increases her potential to block attacks.


Since Sophia joins later, she will already have two jobs: the basic Mage, and the more damage-focused Black Mage. This makes her a glass cannon that may find it tough if enemies target her. Her second advanced job as Dragoon will make her much more durable and able to evade by jumping.

Expert Party Jobs in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Lich Battle

Expert Jobs are unlocked by completing additional side quests in Stranger of Paradise. Four of them involve simply returning to old levels and fighting a series of standard mobs. The other four are rematches with the Four Fiend bosses. They mostly use the same mechanics but compensate with more damage, higher health, and other increased stats.

The Sacrifice

This is a level 66 side mission that unlocks after completing the main mission To Remember. In the main mission, the team will be back at the Ruins of Machina. Travel through the level and destroy all of the Dark Vent enemies. Afterward, Jed will learn the expert job Assassin, a fast-paced attacker that gains bonuses for critical strikes.

The Tragic Cynic

The next job side mission is a level 82 rematch against Tiamat. It is unlocked immediately after completing the main story mission The False Warriors. As the original Tiamat fight was designed for level 40, players will need to use all of their new powers and gear to stop the hydra from quickly regenerating health. Parties will want to focus mostly on ice damage and attacks that interrupt. After the fight, Sophia will learn the expert job Sage, giving her more spellcasting options.

The Truth Seeker

Truth Seeker is another side mission gained by completing The False Warriors in Stranger of Paradise, though it is designed for slightly higher parties at level 84. This is a rematch with a powered-up version of Marilith. Like before, she is most deadly at close range which makes magic and throwing attacks the best defensive option. Once killed, Neon will learn Void Knight, an expert job that can block and then channel back enemy magic.

The Yearner

The Yearner is the third battle unlocked from The False Warriors in Stranger of Paradise, this time a rematch with Lich. Like the fight with Marilith, this one is made for level 84 parties. To defeat Lich easily, concentrate on high power attacks that also allow easy dodging or blocking. Try to avoid using too many combos, as the boss will typically interrupt in the middle of a string. Once Lich is dead again, Ash will learn Tyrant. This will allow Ash to deal elemental damage with his melee attacks and pin down enemies with ailments.

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The Power Hungry

This is the final fight gained from The False Warriors. This time it is a level 88 fight against Kraken. As with before, its main weakness is lightning. Thankfully, the stage itself is electrified so lure Kraken into the traps while dodging its attacks. Once it is defeated, Jed will learn his final job of Ninja. It is a melee fighter that also has access to attack and defense ninjutsu.

The Rebel

This is a level 92 side quest obtained after completing the main story Schemes of the Past in Stranger of Paradise. The actual encounter will bring players back to the Sunken Shrine. The objective is to kill two roaming mobs: the Hill Gigas and Malboro Menace. The two will spawn together in the final room, making it important to focus down one at a time so that they can’t easily team up. After the battle, Sophia will learn her ultimate class of Breaker. This will allow her to deal extremely high damage per attack, though only a few times per encounter.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Malboro Battle

The Fallen

The Fallen is gained after completing the main story mission Remembering Home. Players will be inside the Stranger of Paradise’s Vigilia Court at level 104, backtracking through the stage to hunt down two Dark Vent enemies. Once killed, Neon will have her last job as Paladin. This will turn her into a near-invincible fighter who restores HP with each attack.

The Avenger

This final side mission in Stranger of Paradise is also gained after Remembering Home, though it is slightly higher at level 106. The goal of this stage is to simply loot the Ogrekiller axe from a chest-deep in the level. It is actually possible to run through the whole level, but that can be risky if enemies continue to follow. It is best to slay every monster along the way, and then safely open the chest once everyone is defeated. Along with the axe, Ash will learn his final job of Liberator. This will make him a supercharged tank that can help heal the party.

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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