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The Spatial Economy

  • A superb volume on the new economics of geography by three pioneersin the field. This lucid, elegant book is a must for any graduate course in urban economics.

    Edward L. Glaeser

    Professor of Economics, Harvard University

  • Fujita, Krugman, and Venables provide a brilliant and lucid survey of the new economy geography. In strictly positive terms, the work is an even more radical departure from orthodoxy than the new trade theory of the 1980s. The Spatial Economy is absolutely essential reading for serious students and scholars in international trade, regional, and urban economics.

    Donald R. Davis

    Department of Economics, Harvard University

  • This book provides an excellent and accessible analysis of an important new literature, the so-called New Economic Geography. It is written by exactly the right people and comes out at an opportune moment.

    Richard E. Baldwin

    Professor of International Economics, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva

  • Monopolistic competition has revolutionized our thinking about a wide variety of economic topics, and it has established a firm foothold in macroeconomics. This splendid book shows how a number of common themes that have emerged from this approach can be used to advance our understanding of economic geography, regional and urban economics, international trade and economic development. It represents applied theory at its very best.

    Elhanan Helpman

    The Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel Aviv University, and Department of Economics, Harvard University

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