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Ukrainian Future on LinkedIn: To your attention the 14 startups that have been selected to participate

Finnish experience in education and entrepreneurship is extremely important for Ukrainian startups. 14 teams selected to participate in the Ukrainian-Finnish project Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine are already working with mentors! Ahead – a pitch with a grant fund of over € 50,000! Good News from Finland , Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Vitalii Lisovyi, Hannele Mennala , Mikko-Pekka Hanski SolarGaps – Solar Panel Window Blinds, FlushWave , Elomia Health, knopka,, ITEXE Cybersecurity,, Fiway.

Finland contributes to programme promoting innovation, rebuilding in Ukraine

Finland contributes to programme promoting innovation, rebuilding in Ukraine

We have some great news! A Ukrainian Future resident startup Nazar Ponochevnyi has been selected to present Ukraine at one of the biggest tech conferences in North America – Collision Conf! Harmix, an intelligent service that automatically selects music for video, will be presented at the startup alley of Ukrainian startups Collision, which will run from 20 to 23 June in Toronto! #startup #tech #startups #ukraine

76 promising startups and 427 people of startup teams from all over Ukraine (Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kherson and others)! This is what we get from registration for the Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine program! Registration, which lasted only one week! The jury was positively surprised by the overall quality of the applications! It is an honor for us that we were able to attract so many powerful Ukrainian startups to participate in our project. Startups are offering unique mobile applications, platforms, technologies, equipment, and devices that can help Ukraine during the war and in postwar reconstruction. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the application! Tomorrow, May 25, we will announce startups that will be selected for a mentoring program by business leaders of Finland, Estonia, and Ukraine. The program will last 2.5 weeks and end with pitching. Winners will share a grant fund of over 50,000 €! Want to know which startups will be selected? Follow us on social media!

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2.5 weeks of mentoring sessions from business leaders from Finland, Estonia, and Ukraine. € 20,000 in direct funding and over € 30,000 in services for the winners of the final pitch. This is a Ukrainian-Finnish project Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine! And today is the LAST CALL! If you have a startup with Ukrainian roots, whose products or services can help overcome the challenges of wartime and rebuild Ukraine – join now: Ukraine needs innovation now more than ever. Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine is a real chance to enter global markets while staying in Ukraine!

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We are glad to present you with three more mentors of the Ukrainian-Finnish project Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine! Viktor Dolgopiatov. Founder and CEO at Design engineering bureau Sieviero-Zapad, which designs equipment for the military sector. Member of the Advisory Board of Ukrainian Future Business Incubator. Founder of the startup for local high-precision weather forecasting Atmosphere and Diacom Group, which works on complex building automation projects. Tatiana Tverdushka – business consultant, trainer-consultant of the Ukrainian Future business incubator certified coach of REFA International, member of the international union REFA, and business coach. Быстрова Ирина is a head of programs and coaches network of the Ukrainian Future business incubator, startup management expert, and business consultant (strategic management, financial model, design thinking, business planning). It will be recalled that the 2.5-week mentoring program will end with the pitching of startups with a total grant fund of over € 50,000, designed for startups with a Ukrainian background that can help overcome wartime challenges and rebuild Ukraine. There is still time to join the project:

We continue to introduce you to our mentors of the Ukrainian-Finnish project Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine! Oleksandr Simonov is the CEO and CTO at Amoniac OÜ, a software developer and supplier. Entrepreneur and engineer was one of the developers of Gentoo Linux. Active contributor to Open source projects. Member of the Advisory Board of the Ukrainian Future Business Incubator. Vitaliy Yakushev is a cybersecurity evangelist and CEO at 10Guards. Expert in information technology and data protection. Vitaliy has over 15 years of experience in various national and international projects for the development and management of modern information systems. Yurii Sereshchenko. Managing Director at QPDigital Venture Capital Fund, where he is responsible for finding, investing, and developing new projects. He has managed business projects in the field of residential and commercial real estate and has experience in the financial sector. Expert in business development, team building, business planning, market research, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Registration for the mentoring program and pitching of startups with a grant fund of over € 50,000 continues! Details and application form here:

The grant fund is raised! Now it is € 20,000 of direct funding and over € 30,000 of services! Greenstep and the Ministry of Good Spirit are key partners of the program! More partners are joining Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine, the Ukrainian-Finnish program of support for Ukrainian StartUps.   A few more words about companies that formed the grant fund, and provided professional support of the program: Greenstep. Consulting company that provides high quality services in financial management, business management and personnel management. The winners of the pitch will receive € 10,000 in direct funding and services worth € 5,000 (accounting and taxes, transactions and finance, personnel and business management). Ministry of Good Spirit ( A community that brings together positive, responsible people by supporting them with inspiring events and personal mentoring. The winners of the pitch will receive € 10,000 in direct funding. A venture capital company that prepares startups to attract funding and invests in selected projects. The winners of the pitch will receive services worth € 7,500 (preparation for pre-seed and seed rounds of funding, strategy planning, advisory groups, branding and startup ecosystems). Miltton. A consulting company with a unique set of skills and tools that helps its clients succeed in the global market. The winners of the pitch will receive services worth € 7,500 (advice on business strategy, brand, design, crisis communications, marketing, and public relations, international analysis, and market forecasting). Lexia Attorneys. Client-oriented law firm. The winners of the pitch will receive services worth € 5,000 (legal consulting, in particular in the fields of ICT, Tech, Startups & Growth Companies). Microsoft. A multinational company, the world’s largest software manufacturer. Pitch winners will receive free access to the Microsoft Azure platform for $ 1,000 to $ 150,000, depending on the startup stage. Howspace. A digital platform for interaction and collaboration that can be used for collaborative learning, organizational development, seminars, and meetings. Howspace has provided a venue for the program and other initiatives over the next year. The cost of services from Howspace is € 7200. Amazon Web Services (AWS). The world’s most common cloud platform, providing more than 200 full-featured services for data centers around the world. Amazon will provide $ 10,000 IT credits to the winners of the pitch. Special thanks for the professional support of our Ukrainian partners – Ukrainian Startup Fund, Ministry of Education of Ukraine, CASES Media, YARCHE, as well as the GIST program by VentureWell! The list of partners and sponsors can be supplemented! If you or your company want to support the project – join!

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We are thrilled to continue introducing more of the experienced mentors of Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine, the Ukrainian-Finnish project, and what startups can learn from them.   Aape Pohjavirta. Founder and CEO of Funzi, a mobile learning company. Trainer in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and pitching – prepare startups for performances in the style of Slush – one of the most prestigious startup conferences in Europe. Elina Seppälä. Growth enabler and Board professional. Board member at M Room, OneMind Dogs, SFTec, Cuckoo Workout, and columnist at Helsingin Sanomat. Expert in Circular Economy, Energy, Digital , and Impact Investment. Mart Maasik. Investment Director UniTartu Ventures is a company that invests in intellectual property. Expert in innovation, finance, and international business. He has experience in entrepreneurship and angel investments. Juho Pietilanaho is an experienced finance professional and partner of CFO Services at Greenstep. He has participated over 100 financing rounds with startups either in the role of CFO, investor or board member. He has extensive experience in working with startups and helping them to scale up.  All four mentors will work with startups selected for the Empower Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine -program. Mentors will prepare the teams for pitching for a grant of over € 50,000 and to grow their business!  Register to join latest on May 21st: #ukraine #standwithukraine #EmpowerUkraine #startup

We are honored to introduce some of our mentors of Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine. It is a Ukrainian-Finnish project, which offers startup mentoring sessions and pitching with a grant fund of over €50.000 for services and direct finance. Jussi Muurikainen. Founder of the venture company, founder of Finns for Ukraine F4U group. Finnish entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in companies developing in Fintech, SaaS, digital services, etc. Founder, advisor, and owner of several startups. Liquido Ventures, a portfolio of over 10 startups growing steadily. Jonas Lundberg. Co-founder, and CEO of the venture company He has experience in business and consulting in Finland, Poland, and Japan. Marko Moilanen. Leading lawyer at Lexia Attorneys. Specialist in technology, contracts, and corporate law. He has experience in international business. He has worked for Nokia, where he was involved in technology licensing support. Walid O. El Cheikh. Experienced Startup pitch coach and trainer. Author of Pitching For Life (2019) / Pitching with Confidence (2022). He taught thousands of people the art of public speaking presenting their ideas. Son of Ukrainian mother. Join mentoring sessions from leading Finnish experts! Apply now for the program by May 21st #technology #business #startup #future #entrepreneur

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