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If you are looking for all of the most important facts and information regarding the sports betting industry in Vegas then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of sites out there that will try and imitate what we provide, but no one can do it better than us.

Not only are we looking to provide you with the best Vegas sports betting information, but we also want to give you tips and tools to help you become a more successful sports bettor. Sure, it will be you that increases your bank account, but it will help us feel better inside when we help you win.

If you are looking to make a bet on any sport, we break down all of the betting options available for that sport. Looking to get more information about how to read odds? We’ve got you covered on that too.

We also take a look at some of the top sports betting sites in Vegas and give a complete and thorough review. There are so many options available and we want to make sure that you are betting at the best site.

Vegas Odds is truly the perfect destination for all things sports betting related. If a news story breaks in Las Vegas, we have you covered, and we will only include the information that pertains to you.

There are several sites out that try to make every site or every aspect of sports betting seem ideal, but that’s not how we operate. You will only see honest and real information on this site, because we live and breathe Las Vegas betting online.

Betting Across the World

While Las Vegas sports betting is the upper echelon on the betting world, if you live in another country then we will still have all of the information that you need. We take a close look at all of the regulations from countries around the world, and we break it all down from your country’s perspective.

Currently we offer overviews for players from the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, but more are set to follow over the coming months and you can find it right here on

If you plan to travel to Vegas from one of these countries, be sure to check out Vegas Odds before making the trip. You’ll be prepared to win some money by betting on sports before your plane ever touches the ground.

What Are ‘Vegas’ Odds?

‘Las Vegas’ odds are those specifically listed at casinos and sportsbooks in Vegas. These will be slightly different from the odds that you will find on international sportsbooks.

When you hear people in the media discussing odds in relation to a sporting event, you can almost guarantee that they are discussing Vegas odds. Sports bettors also tend to focus on Vegas odds when trying to determine or predict the outcome of a bet.

Vegas is the sports betting capital in the United States so when it comes to betting scores and odds, Vegas lines are the best in the country as well.

How to Read Vegas Odds

If you’ve ever been to a sportsbook in Vegas and see the Las Vegas betting odds board then you know it can be a bit overwhelming at times. It is also a spectacle and a dream for sports bettors – to become a Vegas insider, odds are the cardinal fundamentals to understand first.

Reading Las Vegas betting lines is extremely similar to reading other odds in other states, but you will simply have more options. Each betting type offers up different odds, and it’s important to break it all down by how you plan to bet.

These odds will be changing frequently and rapidly, and you need to know what to look for when reading the live Vegas odds. We have provided a much more in-depth look at how to read Las Vegas odds in hopes of making things clearer for you.

Remember that all of these odds are being released to entice you to bet, and sportsbooks want you to get in on the action. Before you even place a bet, you must know and understand how to read Vegas betting lines.

How Accurate Are Vegas Odds?

Vegas odds are extremely accurate as bookmakers and sportsbook spend a ton of time coming up with the odds. These odds are always being updated, and usually the best time to bet on them is when they are first opened.

Vegas sportsbooks are just like the rest of the world, and they will manipulate the odds to guard against any major loss. If you see a major swing in the odds then you know that there is heavy money on one side of the bet.

You will be blown away with how close Vegas odds are to the actual result, and this will also be extremely frustrating at times. You can beat the sportsbook, but you better be prepared for Vegas to earn some victories as well.

What Game Has the Best Odds in Vegas?

All of the sportsbooks in Vegas will offer the best odds out there, and you won’t find much variation between the sites or retail locations. Determining what game has the best odds in Vegas is really a matter of personal preference and what betting market you plan to explore.

You won’t find any better odds than what you will see in Vegas, and this is true for all sports. Some would argue that football has the best odds in Vegas, while others might counter with NBA.

How To Calculate Vegas Odds

Vegas odds are extremely easy to calculate, especially if you break them down in terms of placing a wager of $100 or looking to win $100.

If you see odds listed at +100, then a $100 wager would win you $100.

Odds listed at +250, would win you $250 if you bit that bet.

On the flip side, odds listed at -135, would require a $135 bet to win you $100.

You aren’t required to make that large of a wager, but that should help you begin to calculate Vegas odds in your head. So next time you wonder, “What are the odds in Vegas?”, now you know exactly how to work it out.

How To Bet on Sports in Vegas

If you know how to bet on sports at all then you won’t have any trouble understanding how to bet on sports in Vegas. The only difference is that your sports betting experience will be much more enjoyable, and you will have more options available to you.

Of course, we also have to mention the Super Bowl in this section, as it is the single biggest sporting event of the year. If you’ve never experienced a Super Bowl Sunday in Vegas, you need to add that to your “bucket list.”.

The Super Bowl not only offers the normal betting options, but prop betting is King when it comes to this event. You will be blown away with all of the prop betting options available on the biggest football game of the year.

How Much Money Does Sports Betting Make for Vegas?

In January 2021, the state saw over $500 million in sports betting wagers, and Nevada posted a revenue of over $20 million.

Vegas continues to grow thanks to the gaming revenue that pours in each year, and sports betting has played a huge role in this numbers. The sports betting numbers that get reported represent the entire state of Nevada, but Vegas makes up a majority of that total.

In 2019, Nevada generated over $300 million in sports betting revenue, and the 2020 complete figures have not yet been posted.

As sports betting continues to grow, it is estimated that Vegas, and the state of Nevada, will make over $400 million annually in sports betting revenue. There is a reason that new operators target Vegas to launch sports betting.

How To Bet (on Sports) in Vegas From Another State

If you are hoping to bet on sports in Vegas from another state, then you will need to make some travel arrangements. Vegas sportsbooks are only available to those physically at the retail sportsbook or to those that live in the state.

Even though Vegas is known as the sports betting capital of the US, it is not open for everyone throughout the country. Visitors are welcome, but you must actually be in the city, or at least in the state of Nevada before you can make a wager through a Vegas sportsbook.

How To Place a Bet ‘In’ Vegas

Placing a bet in Vegas is simply a matter of visiting one of the retail sportsbooks that are available in the city. The Las Vegas Strip is home to several great sportsbooks, but there are options all throughout the city.

The first step is to visit that sportsbook and locate the giant odds boards that you will see at every location. From there, you will need to choose a betting market (Sport) that you are wanting to bet on.

Most of the retail sportsbooks will have an actual person there that can take your wager, or there are self-serve kiosks where you can enter your account information before making a bet. After your bet is made, it is highly encouraged to stick around at the sportsbook and watch the action unfold.

Betting on sports is legal in Las Vegas as long as you are at one of the licensed and regulated sportsbooks. 

Not only will you find all of the top professional sports in the US offered in Vegas, but you can also make wagers on sporting events from around the world. Obscure sports are also offered in Vegas, and those are starting to draw plenty of attention as sports betting grows.

Recently, esports were added as another available betting market in Vegas, and there is definitely a growing interest in that form of activity. 

If you can’t find a certain sport or league offered in Vegas, then it’s not likely that you will find it anywhere else in the United States. 

Where Can You Bet on Sports in Vegas?

If you are looking to place a bet on sports while in Vegas, then you will have a number of great options available to you. The Las Vegas Strip has 10 casinos and sportsbooks open, and MGM operates these properties.

You aren’t limited to betting on the Las Vegas Strip though, as you will find plenty of retail sportsbooks scattered throughout the city. These retail sportsbooks not only provide plenty of sports betting options, but they are also a great place to watch the big game.

Sportsbooks continue to be built in Sin City, and the Vegas is a top tourist attraction for sports bettors year-round. If you plan on coming to Vegas to bet on sports, check the casinos or for anything else then you won’t be disappointed.

How To Place a Vegas Sports Bet Online

With online sports betting becoming more and more popular, most bettors want to know how to place a Vegas sports bet online. Vegas online betting works in the same way as retail betting, except that you can use your phone, tablet or computer to do so.

At this time, Nevada state law does require in-person registration when creating an online sports betting account. This means that you will still have to visit a casino or retail sportsbook first before you can bet online.

After you have completed your account registration, you will be able to access the online sportsbooks in the state. Simply find a sportsbook, choose a betting market, and then make a wager.

Live betting is one of the betting options that is much easier when doing so online as the odds update in real time, and you can then make your decision quicker.

Now that you know how Vegas odds work and how to bet in Las Vegas online, check out our odds pages for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and more to get started.


How do Vegas odds work?

‘Vegas’ odds work in the same way as odds from traditional or online sportsbooks, except that they are derived from Las Vegas – the betting capital in the US.

What do Vegas odds mean?

‘Vegas’ odds refer to odds from Las Vegas sportsbooks, rather than other online or traditional establishments that aren’t licensed in Nevada.

How do you bet on the Super Bowl in Vegas?

Betting on the Super Bowl in Vegas is the same as any other sporting event. Normal betting options are available but prop betting options are more prolific for the Super Bowl than any other football game of the year.

How do you place a bet in Vegas?

Visit a Vegas sportsbooks of your choice, locate the giant odds board, choose the sport you’d like to bet on and one of the staff or self-serve kiosks will take your wager.

What can you bet on in Vegas?

All US sports that are available at traditional brick-and-mortar sportsbooks are available in Vegas with normal, props and future bets, including football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, boxing, MMA and others.

Can you bet on Vegas online?

Yes, but online sports betting accounts must be initially registered in person (in Las Vegas) due to the Nevada state law.

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